Lights by TENA have developed a great little app for us ladies to help us improve our pelvic floor muscles and the even better thing is that it is free to download  from their website or the app/android store.

The home page lets you choose between the exercises available to you, the progress you have made, when you want a reminder to do your exercises and other help.

The pff exercises are based on squeeze times, you have a series of little squeezes and finished off with a “big” squeeze.

my progress shows you in a calendar format by month of how you are doing with your exercises and gives you some fabulous advice on doing your exercises daily.


I have set my reminder to go off at 9pm every day as I know that at 9pm I will probably be at home; so therefore I can do my exercises without worrying that someone might be watching my “squeeze” face!

The reminder pops up in the middle of your home page and lets you know its time for your tight schedule! I haven’t experienced this app on an Android phone but I assume there will be a similar function for reminding you to do your pff exercises.


The exercises themselves are made up of short squeezes that last for 3 seconds, the app tells you when to squeeze and then release and relax. This pattern happens in sets and you do a series of 4 sets in 1 exercise followed by the big squeeze. The big squeeze is where you hold down the button and squeeze, whilst holding down on the button. When you let go of the “hold” button, you get told whether you did OK, Good or Great. You get the chance to “do again” or “finish”, depending on whether you are ready for another round of squeezes or not!

Have a look on the Lights website:

I hope you find it helpful throughout pregnancy and labour, after the birth and it gets rid of unwanted bladder weaknesses and just improves your general health.

lights by TENA RRP £1.99
The lights by TENA range can be found in all major retailers and pharmacies, and samples can be ordered online at


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Last Update: Tuesday, 6th March 2012