Sometimes, you just want to have fun in your own home. Keeping the kids entertained in the back garden is a good way of encouraging them away from their devices and creating family time together. This post is full of some fun ideas to help get the kiddies outside and make the most of the back garden, even if you have a small space to be outside.

Playing our favourite sports

Noah loves playing football, every chance he can get, and so we jumped at the chance to try this net. This sports net is only 90cm and great for a little kick about in the garden. Noah can practice his shooting skills and it’s always a bit of fun when his friends come over for dinner! They love it. He will be out there come rain or shine!

Back to basics

The kids and I love bubbles. They make for creative photos and there is just something about bubbles that is super fun. There are so many fun bubble products on WoWoW Toys that you can have endless fun in the garden on those Autumnal sunny days.

We had fun with the foam dice and fitness hoops, a set of 4 hoops, are perfect for family games in the garden and fitness. We play a simple game where we roll the dice and we have to jump through that number of hoops, we spread the hoops over the garden. It’s amazing how much fun you can have when you have the right tools.

Arts and crafts

The kids loved these arts and crafts sets from WoWoW Toys; the Watercolour brush pens have been perfect for colouring in our Halloween books over half term. We each had a turn at a page in the book, the pens are moist and really soft. They are really good quality. They also love the Jumbo arts and crafts box, its full of amazing things to keep the kids occupied from craft scissors to foam shapes, stickers and lots of items to help you make the best crafts together.

WoWoW Toys is a great place to find children’s toys and as we are getting closer to Christmas they have a fantastic section to offer you inspiration. Check out my other family lifestyle posts, let me know if you have any extra tips to add below in the comments. Enjoy Free Standard Delivery Over £25 in The Works if you would like more arts and crafts, or fun activities.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 1st May 2024