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How to decorate your home for the holidays as a Host

From Halloween to Christmas, the holiday season brings about a variety of events for those who love these celebrations. Whether you are a fan of big family dinners or holiday shopping sprees, the holiday season can spell out your happiness in bold letters. We always host at least either Christmas Day or Boxing Day and I just love having the house full of happy people. Hubby always cooks though! These tips to decorate your home for the holidays are great, I really can’t wait for this Christmas – I feel like I missed out last year.

What are bath salts & why do you need them?

Bath salts can be used to elevate your bathing experience, creating a spa-like environment in your very own home. They can be combined with other oils and foams to boost your bath and enjoy some me-time when it’s needed most. Bath salts can come in a number of different forms, designed to soothe, restore or calm your mind and body. Thanks to natural ingredients, bath salts can have a lasting effect on your skin and your wellbeing.

Finding the right people to help with your fitness

Maintaining your fitness is never an easy process. Even for those who enjoy exercise, building the motivation to go out each day and work hard can be a challenge. This is even worse for those who are short on time or don’t like to exercise, and parents will often have the hardest time when it comes to keeping fit. I am better with people, getting the right help with your fitness is crucial to you achieving your goals.

Top 5 tips for amazing clean white bedding

I absolutely adore my new crisp white bedding from DUSK, but keeping it nice and clean is something I am really desperate to do. I am the sort of person that will make them pink by washing them accidentally with something else. So, in doing my research I put together this checklist for keeping clean white bedding. I love that fresh bed feeling; like getting into a freshly made hotel room.

Win a Personal Planner to get organised this Autumn

As you know, I absolutely love my Personal Planner and this competition is to set you up so that you can get organised this Autumn. Just in time for back to school or university in my case. I love my PP planners, I have one for my blog and one for my university work – they are such a handy book and I love all the extras that come with it. Choose whatever items you want to the value of the voucher prize and enjoy the fun of putting your planner together – honestly I just love them.