Pregnancy is a roller-coaster ride that is filled with a lot of ups and downs. You must be feeling overwhelmed with emotions, and you may be experiencing a little to a lot of discomfort. However, with some simple tips you can make this experience easy for yourself and your baby. Once you have conquered how to ease your pregnancy, you can start to have fun with your pregnancy.

01. Invest in a pregnancy pillow

The invention of chiropractic pregnancy pillow is like a blessing in disguise as it can help you ease your body and relax. Chiropractic pillows are available in different shapes and sizes that tend to different needs. For instance, a U shape chiropractic pregnancy pillow will support your entire body and help you relax. Reading online reviews on various sites like Mattress Firm Pillows etc., will help you know about the prices and features of these pillow.

02. Exercise regularly

It is a common misconception that exercising can be dangerous during pregnancy; however, this is not the case. Through exercise you can regulate the oxygen in your body and it can ensure that the oxygen reaches your baby. Nonetheless, it must be ensured that you do not over exercise as excess of anything or everything can be bad.

03. Consume vitamins

Pregnancy can be a thrilling yet a fatiguing experience; hence, it is essential to consume vitamins to keep your body healthy. By taking vitamins you would be able to refuel your energy and perform your daily chores in a better way. 

04. Limit caffeine

High caffeine intake is associated with a higher risk of miscarriages; therefore, it is essential to take care of yourself and your fetus. Limit your caffeine intake and try to look for healthy substitutes. Try cutting caffeine out, slowly, but make sure not to consume more than 2 cups of caffeine and note that caffeine is not limited to coffee only, it includes tea and cola too, thus cut down all the sources of caffeine.

05. Say no to alcohol

Alcohol is a big no, when it comes to pregnancy. It is imperative to cut out alcohol completely out of your life as it can contribute to various birth defects in babies. According to various researches it has been proven that alcohol can lead to various body and nervous system destruction in babies, as alcohol is passed down to the system of a fetus who is unable to pass it out. This leads to several defects in fetuses.

06. Sleep well

Getting a good night’s sleep is mandatory for you and your baby. So try to sleep on a comfortable surface and on a comfortable pillow so that your body and head is perfectly cradled and you can sleep in the most comfortable position. Sleeping for at least 7-9 hours will avoid disruption in mood swings and it will keep you and your baby happy.

07. No smoking

Just like alcohol, smoking is also detrimental to the health of your baby. So try to avoid smoking during these nine months, as it can contribute to asthma or other breathing problems in new born babies. So to keep your baby safe, throw away that pack of cigarettes! 


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