Well, we couldn’t get to the cinema last night to see the new Trolls World Tour movie. So, we decided to turn our living room into the cinema instead and hired the new Trolls World Tour movie from Sky Store Premiere from @skytv.

It was so much fun. The movie is brilliant. We absolutely love both films and it was perfect as the kiddies go to jump about the living room, whereas usually they would be seated quietly. It was nice watching them loosen up and not feel stressed that they were making noise!

Of all the fun lockdown activities, making our own Premiere movie night was perfect. I don’t really want to talk too much about the movie but let me confirm it is absolutely brilliant and a definite must watch from The Constants.


#trollsworldtour #skystorepremiere #lockdownfun #activities #indoorfun #homecinema 💞

Well, we couldn’t get to...

I’ve been working in the conservatory over the past few weeks, whilst it’s not been so hot. This has been my #windowview.

I love watching what they get up to: this was their homemade circuit. They each did an activity for 30 seconds, then moved on to the next thing.

They’ve made a bird box today, also flapjack and apple crumble.

They amaze me. I worked for 5 hours and they did some great things! It’s amazing how many activities they are trying and things they are learning during lockdown.

Noah said to us at breakfast today: “I’m going to miss this family time”. It was so raw and made me feel really tearful. I too will miss it. We all agreed that we would miss it and it’s been nice having all our meals together. Talking together. Playing and learning together.

It’s going to feel bizarre when things go back to normal: work and school!


I’ve been working in the...

We all live in a #yellow... pop up tent! A yellow... pop up tent. A yellow... pop up tent. 🎵 Not a submarine in our back garden today.

Daddy pitched this yellow pop up tent in the garden and the kiddies sat in it for ages. It was moved to various shady areas throughout the afternoon, but served its purpose of entertaining the kids for a while.

Now, what you may not be able to tell from this photo is that this tent is not very wide. They had to lay in a foetal position and couldn’t stretch their legs out. For some reason this tickled me. Seeing their feet poking through the sides every now and again!

It’s the small things that make me smile. The @myhousethismonth challenge today is 5 things about me, so here’s 5 things that made me smile today:

1 ~ the yellow pop up tent
2 ~ watching Gary Barlow and his Croony collabs
3 ~ Isla and Daddy’s delicious homemade brownie
4 ~ Noah & Isla watching #GBBO & their comments about the celebrity bakes
5 ~ I got something finished for work this afternoon (made me feel productive)

What about you? What’s your 5 things that made you smile today... #mummyphotoaday #mygardenthismonth #myhousethismonth

We all live in a...

I usually get a lot of feedback about our front garden, but as no one is going to see it in all it’s glory: I’ll post a photo or two! It’s full of life and colour.

In the last few days everything has decided to #flower, the tulips have come out in yellow and red, the hyacinth is popping up in purple and white... and so many other pretty flowers and plants, that I don’t know!

I’ve set myself a task to find out what the other plants and flowers are. Without asking my family. I will just double check with them once I’ve guessed. I’m sure I annoy them constantly with my “what’s this?” what’s app messages.

I inherited this garden from the previous owners. The late husband was a professional gardener/landscaper and you can tell. I have things in the garden that are not popular and the established borders are set out perfectly. They loved in it from brand new. So, this is a definite “grow your own“, I just need to master the upkeep now!

I’ve got a lot of learning to do and I’m determined to understand these gardens by the end of the Spring.

You can just make out the camellia in the last photo. I can’t wait for that to bloom fully, it’s a stunning flower and brightens up the view from our living room.


I usually get a lot...

Today, we had another day in the garden. Some chill time and lots of fun with an #activity or two! Happy Sunday.

Daddy and I moved the old patio and rubble (which will have to live in our garden until the recycling centres open back up) and I think we’ve hidden it rather well. If you spot it I’ll be most impressed.

Where the rubble had been is now where you can see the outdoor dining area. It’s been out of action all winter, which we wouldn’t have used in any case. It’s opened the garden up even more now we’ve cleaned it all! It’s amazing how much space this garden has.

When we bought the house, the garden was full of stuff: rockery, pond, vege patch, pagoda and a 10ft greenhouse. It made the garden feel quite small, it’s amazing what a bit of hard work and a little vision can achieve. I knew this garden had the potential to be a perfect family space.

I cut the grass, tidied up some more of the bushes and watered everything. Whilst the kiddies played this game... they love it. But they do get rather competitive!

What activities have you been up to today?


Today, we had another day...

We made the most of the day today and it feels good! Whilst Daddy finished off the final 13 patio slabs (which look incredible), I sorted the garden.

I pruned all the bushes, weeded the flower beds, got rid of a lot of thorny weedyness, painted the potting shed door and filled an entire green bin. 😂 I even trimmed the grass edge with grass scissors.

I am loving the garden more and more. I hope that the sun keeps on shining so that we can get it looking how we want before Summer. Making the most of #lockdown. It was lovely as our neighbours on either side, both over 60, offered advice and help today. Deano nearly ran out of sand and one neighbour dropped some over the fence. It’s nice to have a sense of community even though we are all in our homes.

We’re looking forward to playing in the garden tomorrow and making the most of this space.

#myhousethismonth #mygardenthismonth

We made the most of...

We have joined the rest of the country and made a #rainbow design in our living room window. The kids have drawn one on a piece of paper and also used window felt pens to design a 🌈 on the pane itself. It looks pretty. The kiddies are very happy with them. They lit up when the neighbours asked for them to make them rainbows for the window.

I love this part of the front garden, you can just see the flowers are about to bloom any day now. Daffodils are hiding in amongst the tulips, hyacinths full of a deep purple, the Heather has come up a nice reddy purple too. By the front door there is a sea of purple from the aster (I think that’s what they are). Can you see the beautiful Camellia to the left of the kiddies too? It’s about to bloom with its bright pink flowers. The yellow Jasmine is just starting to grow on the right side of the kiddies, can you see it climbing up the wall?

There’s so much going on. It looks beautiful. I don’t remember it looking this pretty last Spring. Maybe I didn’t pay much attention. Or maybe these things have grown from random seeds I planted last year and forgot about. I can’t remember what I planted though 🤦🏼‍♀️ Does anyone else do that?

Have you seen many rainbows in the window of people’s homes?


We have joined the rest...

A very happy birthday to my first furbaby, Rambo. He is 13 today. I can’t believe he’s been in my life for 13 years, we’ve done so much and seen so many places. It’s gone so quickly.

He is so good, his temperament is just perfect. He’s not a yappy dog. He barks to mark his territory but that’s it. When the kids were toddlers, they would pull his fur out in clumps and he would just lay there. He cleans the other pets in the house and always makes sure the kids are safe at night time. It’s so cute. He’s such a loving, fatherly dog.

This little man is my follower at the moment; more so than normal. He follows me everywhere. If I’m on the loo, he will sit at the bathroom door staring at me. When I’m in the bath, he pushes the door open and sits next to me and stares. Right now, he’s currently snuggling under the duvet.

Let’s hope we can go and explore somewhere new in the summer, with amazing views and miles of countryside. Our favourite.

Thanks for all the adventures Rambo 🐾 and the snuggles! We love you lots.

A very happy birthday to...

About MummyConstant – a family lifestyle blog

A little bit of history…  

This online magazine and Mummy blog: MummyConstant started from just a little online pregnancy journal, in a revolt against “paper“. I wanted to document my first pregnancy and it has been going strong ever since. I became pregnant with Noah in February 2010 and my first blog posts came the very next month. I wanted to capture the feelings and photographs (of course) of my pregnancy and beyond that too. 

I had no idea then that we would have another child 18 months later, or that the blog would be here over six years later. It is incredible to be able to capture all of the fun we have as a family and we have been on an amazing adventure. Some adventures  just because of the things I write. And snap. And vlog. And put on social media. Oh well, you get the picture! 

I have been told that blogs that are not in a particular niche, do not do well. But I can honestly say that this blog crosses quite a few boundaries and why shouldn’t it? My role as a Mummy doesn’t end with running around after the children. It includes my hobbies and our lifestyle, which is what is captured on MummyConstant. I write about all the things we do and enjoy, I take photos of everything and when it’s possible I capture it on video too. 

So, who’s who… 

In the Constant household there are quite a few of us, some of the furry variety and then there’s the man cubs. I often refer to the pets as furbabies and frequently call the dogs woozles, that’s just to keep you on your toes and of course, bring a little A A Milne magic to the blog. I love Winnie-the-Pooh! Right, where was I, ah yes, the Constants. Let me introduce you… 


Yes, that’s me. Sonia Constant. I am a 34 Mummy of two school age children. I am the one that writes MummyConstant. The one that makes you laugh (hopefully), cry (not too often) and remind you that you are not alone (everyday). I have a love for photography and this comes through on the blog.  I love taking photos. I take them everywhere I go and of everything I can. I flit between my husbands DSLR, my new toy for 2017, Sony A5100 and my iPhone for taking photos. I use them all to take videos too, but have a GoPro to add some extra underwater fun in where possible. 

My day job is looking after a local governments website and I am PM for their most important efficiency saving project: Digital by default. My background is web design, creation and my career has been in IT support. So I do get labelled as the “geek” quite often, at home and at work! I love solving IT related issues. I think that’s why the blog has survived this long: the change of platforms or the new theme design. It creates a new chapter of learning and skill that I add to my baggage. I love to learn new things. 

I love Italian food, that’s probably my favourite, a glass of red wine and I cannot start the day without a cup of tea with a spoonful of honey. I often skip breakfast, unless I make my “grab and go” smoothie in the Nutribullet before I leave. Naughty me. I am quite creative. Let’s face it, I am very! I love playing the piano, singing and I love writing music. I can sort of play the guitar too and I am hoping to pick this up when hubby has had a few more lessons. I am reasonably new to crochet, which is what relaxes me in the evenings and I love making up little items for people. I do love to draw too. I come from quite a creative family, my Mumma and Sister are extremely artistic and my Uncle is a really good singer. So it definitely runs in the family. The other thing I love is good ole fresh air. Something I am planning to make more of in 2017. 


This is who I often refer to as hubby or Daddy. He is my fitness freak and professional photographer partner in crime. I get a lot of my inspiration from him, he has so much energy and is one of those people that gets up and does it. If he thinks it, he’ll do it. He decided at the start of 2016 that we was going to get fit and he did. He lost a lot of weight and completed some pretty crazy challenges, including the three peak challenge and his first triathlon, he simply puts his mind to something and achieves it. Hubby is the one that owns the Canon DSLR, I call it the big camera. I love the quality of photos that we get off this camera and we use two different lenses to get different styled shots. The zoom lens is great for getting up close shots of the children. 

Hubby is a marketing manager, so he helps with ideas and concepts when I need him to. It’s good to have people in the know and I have learnt a lot from him over the years too, which is always handy. So there you have it, my husband. The one with the rather awesome beard! 


This is my little man cub, born November 2010, changed our lives forever. My birthing story will forever haunt me, but after those first few hours things were perfect. Noah was a brilliant baby, happy and slept really well. I loved spending his first nine months with him, just us two on most days. It was a lovely start to motherhood. I am very lucky. He has grown up to be a very intelligent and loving little man. When he wants to be he can be the most thoughtful person, thinking of others and being so kind and gentle. But he does like to squabble and pick on his little sister when she winds him up! Noah is a typical boy and loves his vehicle toys, computer games and being outside: biking, playing, on the trampoline or splashing in the sea. 


This is my princess, born May 2012, yes call us crazy. An 18 month gap between both children has it’s ups and downs. Isla loves all things girly and creative – she loves playing with her dolls and teddy bears. She often has picnics with them in her bedroom, it is very cute. She also loves to sing, dance and make things. She reminds me of a mini me. She is very loving, but she just knows how to press everyones buttons, that shows a sign of intelligence if you ask me. 

Then there is the furbabies…

We have three pets, consisting of two dogs and a cat. We got the Jack Russell first, he was born in 2007 and is called Rambo. Then hubby came home from work one night with our cat, Rocky, who was an engagement present in 2008. Last but by no means least, there is our Cocker Spaniel, Snoopy. The dopey one of the bunch, but the cuddliest. He was born in 2009 and we got him just after we got married and settled into married life. That was all before the children came along and livened the family home up. 


If you would like to work with us then check out our outreach information and our press page. 

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