We’re jumping into July like…. 🕶

I have lots on the agenda for July,including woodland visits, beach visits and catching up on my uni. I also have a “to read” pile that’s growing! I took my book to Centre Parcs but I didn’t read one sentence 🤦🏼‍♀️

I’m looking forward to seeing all the Summery photos in July and a huge thank you to everyone that joined in with June! 

#mummyphotoaday ~ beach & read

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We took a trip to Great Grandmas after school. It was nice to have dinner with her and the kiddies enjoyed exploring at the bottom of the garden.

I love her garden, it backs onto the river. There’s so much to see just standing here. Not to mention grandma’s beautiful garden. That rose bush is just amazing.

I love how the horizon has changed over the years. When I was a child you could see for miles. Over to Shuttleworth where the planes do their air shows.

Now, it’s all overgrown and the trees have gained a lot of height. It’s amazing how much it can change in 39 years!

Do you have a family house that’s been in your life since you were born? 

#mummyphotoaday ~ horizon

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The view from our sofa in the morning is the best. Squirrels, moorhens, ducks, deer and lots of birds… it’s amazing to sit here and watch them.

I love that our garden is full of trees and the lake. It’s meant we’ve seen more wildlife than normal.

We’ve been feeding the deers berries and lots of nuts and seeds for all the other animals. The squirrels are loving the peanuts!

There’s a huge family of geese here too. They have been coming for seed in the evenings.

The squirrels and deer are so tame. We’re quite shocked at how close they get. A squirrel took a peanut from my hand. Made my day!

Do you love watching nature? Check out my stories for videos of our visitors

#mummyphotoaday ~ trees

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🦌 I’m so happy; after 10 minutes of being in our lodge the deer popped up in the garden. There was 2 in total. They looked so cute. I loved their V shapes on their noses. They came about a metre close. So tame. 

We’ve made the most out of @centerparcsuk break so far. Table tennis, badminton, Bella Italia and an evening swim in the most amazing pool area ever.

I can’t wait to go in the pool tomorrow. And play more badminton 🏸 (my favourite sport).

So far, outside our back window we’ve seen the 2 deer, lots of ducks, geese, Moorhens and a heron. A few different breeds of geese too.

We also saw a tiny mouse darting all over the woodland floor in search of food. He was very cute. 🐭 

Anyone else love being surrounded by so much nature?

#mummyphotoaday ~ break

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Todays #mummyphotoaday prompt is view. I’d love to see your favourite views! Whether that’s a landscape, person or an object.

This is one of my favourite views on a dog walking route we found near our home. The sky looks like it goes on for miles. The big yellow sun painting everything with its golden glow.

You can just see my fam in the distance walking the dogs. 🐾 

What’s your favourite view?

#mummyphotoaday ~ yellow & view

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We made the most of Summer Solstice last night. We took Rambo for a walk and soaked up some sun and fresh air.

It’s the first time we’d all been out together for a dog walk in a long time. It’s really nice as the kids always open up and talk about random things.

I loved the colours in this photo. It was golden hour and I managed to hide the sun behind the bushes. They’re looking into the pond. Not sure Rambo understood the assignment.

Did you make it out for an evening walk?

#mummyphotoaday - Summer

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With Summer Solstice tomorrow it’s got me reminiscing about our last trip abroad and hoping we get some super sun this year too!

I love flying. Sun. Sandy beaches. Adventures in new places. Eating new foods and meeting new people.

My favourite bit is watching the kiddies have fun together with Daddy… 💛

What’s your favourite thing about holidays?

#mummyphotoaday ~ adventures 

Previous collab with @kianibeachresort 

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Our affordable office conversion – before and after

Our affordable office conversion – before and after

So, back in January of this year we were told that an extension to add a new bedroom to the house would be tens of thousands of pounds. It was only when our mortgage advisor said "Why don't you do a garage conversion it's a lot of cheaper?" that we considered renovating our garage. So, this is our before and after for an affordable office conversion for Hubby to work from home. VIEW the POST

How to update your cloakroom on a DIY budget

How to update your cloakroom on a DIY budget

Yes I know a cloakroom is a polite way of saying the toilet room. When we moved into our first home, we knew there would be a lot of work to do as it had been occupied by an elderly couple and the interior was possibly over 30 years old. We did a lot of work in the bedrooms and main living spaces initially, our cloakroom was not so much a priority. So, I managed to update it and this is what I did to redecorate our cloakroom on a DIY budget. VIEW the POST

Noah’s amazing boy bedroom makeover – before and after

It has been over 2 years since we moved in to our first family home and we finally got round to adding a splash of colour to the walls. We started in Noah’s room and I thought I would give him a boy bedroom makeover. He loves his blues and greens, football and LEGO. So I tried to think of all these things whilst I styled his room. I still cannot believe what his room looked like when we first moved in, see the photos below for the before and afters! He loves it though and it’s nice for him to have his space, even if it is a little on the small side.

Finding the most suitable flooring for family life

Finding the most suitable flooring for family life

We just love our new utility room floor; it is the most stylish pattern and I just love walking into the room. It’s funny how a new floor can make you smile so much. Choosing suitable flooring for family life can be tricky as it has to be durable and easy to clean. That’s why we chose this design from Harvey Maria, Lattice Tarn LVT designed by Dee Hardwicke.  VIEW the POST

Keeping a World Map log of our family travel

Keeping a World Map log of our family travel

When Hubby and I got married, I said I would travel the world with him and that we would do it with the kiddies too. Hubby took a year out and travelled before we got together and I wanted to explore it, we just had jobs and then kids. It got harder to do. We are still on a mission to do this, it's just a lifelong event. We keep a log of our adventures on our World Map. It's such an inspiring canvas to have on the wall. VIEW the POST

Adding luxury touches to our bed

During lockdown our anxieties have been heightened, our need for a safe place has never been more vital. The need for a comfortable place to sleep, or just take 5, has become really important to us. I have focussed on sleeping better to help my immune system stay strong but also to help me not feel too overwhelmed with everything going on. So I found some luxury touches to add to our bed, to make it the perfect relaxation space.

Decorating our house with happy memories from Colorland #stayathome

Decorating our house with happy memories from Colorland #stayathome

Coming back to pictures and memories can definitely help everyone survive this lockdown and keep positive. I recently discovered Colorland and they have really helped to brighten up my home and seeing these wonderful memories every day, is certainly bringing a smile to my face. Colorland have also offered my readers a special discount too! So, we have added some finishing touches to our home, to get us through lockdown with a smile on our faces. VIEW the POST

Making our family home – adding the finishing touches

Making our family home – adding the finishing touches

You may have seen our Master Bedroom reveal recently, well it needed some finishing touches to make it complete and that's exactly what we did. I love our bedroom, it's amazing how different it looks from a year ago when we moved in. You can see the before and after photos in the original post. VIEW the POST

Creating a story corner with Vertbaudet

We were super lucky to work with Vertbaudet and create a wonderful story corner in Isla’s bedroom. It was a little upgrade to her bedroom makeover that we finished last April. Isla loves reading, she reads to all of her soft toys and even reads Daddy a bedtime story in the evenings. It was a natural upgrade in her bedroom and I think it looks gorgeous… and cosy.

Making our family home – our master bedroom

Making our family home – our master bedroom

We have loved doing up our home over the past year. One of the major spaces we have changed is our master bedroom and obviously it is the space that not many people see. It looked completely different from when we moved in; vibrant pink and a 40 plus year old carpet. We have truly given it a makeover and some love. VIEW the POST

Making our family home – Kitchen makeover

Making our family home – Kitchen makeover

As you know we moved into our family home on January 10 of this year, 2019, we have done a lot of work to the house and more recently we have up-cycled the kitchen cupboards. What a difference it has made? I wanted to go through the steps we have made in the kitchen makeover to make it what it is today: a journey through the 8 months! I think we have transformed the kitchen with very little budget and it's a great family space. VIEW the POST

Making our family home – Isla’s bedroom makeover

Making our family home – Isla’s bedroom makeover

As you know we moved into our new home back in January and it has been a very busy time making our family home. We finally, thankfully, managed to get the children’s bedrooms carpeted over bank holiday weekend and this kicked off a trail of events. Once the carpet was complete, we could build Isla’s new furniture and make her bedroom just right. I absolutely love her bedroom; it would have been a dream bedroom for me growing up. Isla is 7 tomorrow and what a perfect time to finish off her beautiful space.  VIEW the POST

Styling up our diner for under £600 with Wayfair

Styling up our diner for under £600 with Wayfair

We have been doing a lot around the house since we moved in, we are really making it our family home. When Wayfair said they wanted to help us to style up a room, for under £600, I loved the idea of a challenge and instantly thought about the diner in our kitchen as it had been neglected. Here are my before and after pictures with the diner and what we have done. VIEW the POST

Into the woods this Christmas with Wayfair

Into the woods this Christmas with Wayfair

I do love a challenge. Wayfair tasked me to transform a part of my home with an "into the woods" theme, ready for Christmas. It's amazing how a small amount of items can completely transform a space. I decided to focus on the hallway and dining area as we will be hosting for a lot of guests this Christmas. Somewhere to hang coats has always been an issue and I do love a pretty dining table. I hope you enjoy the tour of my new hallway and dining area...  VIEW the POST