☀️ Half term has officially begun. Albeit I forgot the kids are off today and I have 3 interviews to conduct at home. Eek. Grandad to the rescue!

Anyone hoping to get to the beach this week? I know we are. And we may even have a little dip in the sea if we get some nice weather.

There’s just something about the beach that makes me happy. The hues of blues and orange. The fresh salty sea air. The wind in my face. Wells-Next-The-Sea is probably my favourite. Or one of too. I do also like Saunton in Devon but I can’t get there as easily 😂

What are your half term plans?

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🐾 Did you know it’s National Walking Month? It’s the perfect time to make the most out of beautiful walks with your little furbabies.

Forthglade have teamed up with the National Trust to give walks a pawprint rating: you can see how dog friendly the walks are. Isn’t that fab?

I love woodland walks, walks with great views and lots of different things to see along the way. @forthglade means the dogs have full bellies and plenty of energy to keep up.

Where is your favourite place to walk?

#mummyphotoaday ~ woodland

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Bossing Monday like…. My day has been sponsored by caffeine. ☕️ This photo made me laugh as they look busy, like little entrepreneurs.

It wasn’t my usual Monday today but I managed to get through a day of work and started my end of year assignment for uni.

What did your Monday look like?

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A much needed break this weekend. I’m glad the sun came out so Isla could play mermaids! ☀️

Noah’s had an adventure at this first scout camp this weekend, he’s extremely tired. And so Isla had us all to herself.

How did you spend the sunny Sunday?

#mummyphotoaday ~ camp & adventure

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💙💚 This weather is just beautiful. I can’t wait to spend more time with nature. Evening walks through natures routes and paddling under the sunshine.

I haven’t seen much of the sunshine this week; I’ve been quite unwell and going to bed early to give myself energy for the next day. I’m hoping it will pass soon, so I can enjoy some sunshine over the weekend.

How has your week been?

#mummyphotoaday ~ nature & route

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🎂 Yesterday we had a very successful family party for Isla’s birthday. 🥳

Isla and I made her watermelon themed cake, we baked scones and a zillion sandwiches. It was so nice to have everyone around, as we haven’t done that for years. I think there was 16 of us in total!

I love decorating the table for an Afternoon Tea. It always looks so pretty. I used the Garden Party in a box from @lucydarlingshop.

All the sandwiches went down a treat. We had cheese, ham, chicken, egg mayo and tuna mayo! I’ve rekindled my love for a cheese & pickle… 

What’s your favourite sandwich? 

#mummyphotoaday ~ family

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🍉 Watermelon cake recipe from @cakesbylynz (it didn’t work out the same but had a similar effect).
🌳 I would love to live in the countryside, by vast woodlands & coastal paths. It’s the dream. However, I forget just how much beauty there is just outside my door.

This little woodland, for example, is full of life & only a 30 second walk from my house. I find it calming & I just love taking slow walks through here. Listening to the birds!

I’ve promised myself to get more steps in, and appreciate natures little pockets that I live near. After all, it can only make me appreciate the countryside whenever we do find our dream home.

Do you forget about the pockets of nature near you?

#mummyphotoaday ~ steps

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Making memories 🥳

This was Isla’s first family selfie using her birthday present. She loves taking photos and I can see her following in Daddy’s footsteps when she’s older. She’s very creative.

We’ve managed to spread out Isla’s birthday celebrations over an 8 day period. Perfect if you ask me. She’s loved it!

Anyone love taking photos? Of everything? All the time?

#mummyphotoaday ~ memory

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And she’s jumping into her birthday like…

💙💗 We had a super fun time at the trampoline park tonight, hot dogs and slushies. Cupcakes and sweets. Then to the park to burn off the sugar high and cool them down a little.

It was lovely to see them all playing and having fun… Isla loved it. I learn so much from her, how to let go and how to have fun. She’s my little ⭐️.

I cannot believe my baby is 10 tomorrow 😭 I want my baby girl back with her diddy feet.

What’s your favourite memory of the newborn stage?

#mummyphotoaday ~ learn 

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