I am not very good at New Years resolutions, I tend to just think about what I would like to do that year and try my best. Walking is my thing. I worked on it last year and did a lot more walking than the year before. I want to make sure I do more of it in 2020. Mindfulness is another topic I am keen to explore more this year – finding ways to keep my mind healthy. Walking is definitely good for that too.

Keeping a healthy mind

Whilst you are walking it gives you time to process your thoughts. I spend the time filing away my thoughts of the day. If you can imagine an office, with a tonne of papers on a desk, filing cabinet in the corner. Now imagine you are scanning each document, not fully engaging the document, working out where the documents needs to be filed. Then filing it away. I do this. It helps me to offload things that are worrying me and I often feel happier when I have finished my walk.

dog walking

Not only can walking help with your mental health but it is a form of fitness too, often overlooked. Walking, briskly, can build up stamina and burn calories and make your heart healthier. The NHS recommend a brisk 10 minute walk a day to keep healthy. They also recommend comfortable footwear.


Quite rightly, you need to make sure you are kitted out correctly for your walk, finding the right footwear and warm coats in these Winter months is essential. We don’t want to keep our minds healthy by making our bodies physically unwell.

footwear Fitflop

My boots are called Skandi, they are waterproof and they are hiker inspired boots. They look trendy but most importantly they are super comfortable. They have a new microwobbleboard sole, this means there are 3 levels of cushioning under your feet. A medium cushion under your toes, to help you push off, soft cushion in the middle to maximise comfort on the arches of your feet and hard by your heel to reduce any impact.

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What are your favourite walking shoes? Do you wear wellies, walking boots or shoes? I would love to know if you have Fitflop footwear already and what you think. Everyone needs a pair of these!

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Last Update: Tuesday, 14th January 2020