It’s no secret that I dropped any kind of cardio last year, it wasn’t the top of my priorities and I definitely didn’t have the time during the day. Now the kids are back into the school routine I have started to make time to get active again. Dare2b challenged me to get active and try out their range of activewear, so I did.

I have been using the Couch25k app to help keep me motivated and give me a steer on what I need to do to gradually get fit again. I have only run 5k a few times and I know I will not want to jump straight in it. The leggings are comfortable across my tummy, they do not slip down when I run too which is a huge frustration for me. They are breathable and I feel “just right” when out on my runs. The jacket is perfect for Spring too as it’s warm but when I got hot it doesn’t feel uncomfortable. 

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It’s fair to say I wear the activewear clothes from Dare2b for most activities. We went out on a family bike ride the other weekend and the outfit was perfect. The seamless tee, in coral, is great as it stretches with every move and is soft against your skin. I love the colour too. 

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The clothes are perfect for our walks in the countryside too. They really are comfortable, and I love wearing them on a day-to-day basis, even if I am not exercising. Do you have go-to clothes for exercising? It’s amazing how feeling comfortable in what I am wearing can make a difference to my activity. 

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So, I have persevered with my running and I am nearing the end of week 2 with the Couch25k. The first week I had to run for 1 minute with a walking break in-between each run, you do that for around 20 minutes, and you have a 5 minute walk warm up and warm down too. Week 2 it’s upped the anti a little; I have to run for 90 seconds and walk for 2 minutes in-between. I am a little scared about week 3, but I will keep it going. 

Have you tried a new fitness activity during lockdown? Check out my other fitness posts and let me know in the comments below what you have been up to… 

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Last Update: Monday, 12th April 2021