Well, its got to that time where we have only 2 weeks until the infamous due date, I have started to go through all of Noah’s baby goodies and get them ready for our next edition to the Constant household. I found Noah’s newborn baths – we loved his whale and I am really glad we kept it, brings back lots of happy memories. We got the moses basket out, carrycot for the Qunniy and the Maxi Cosi car seat (which is need of a little scrub – amazing how grubby it looks and a part of me wants it to look perfectly brand new, its the nesting part!)



Maternity Notes

I was looking through all my maternity notes this week, taking a look at the weeks progressions. I cannot believe that its been 38 weeks already, it seems like 5 minutes ago that we were having our booking in appointment at 8 weeks! My blood pressure has been a lot better this time around, with Noah it was quite high and I was really faint towards the end of pregnancy – but for the past week I have also been feeling extremely faint, even though I am eating properly and not hungry – I am still feeling quite faint. I do not know why, but if it gets any worse then I will call the midwives.

The past week, not only have I been experiencing faint and dizzy like symptoms, I have been extremely tired: about 2pm in the afternoons its like my body has just given up and I am ready for a nap. Of course this all depends on where I am, what I am doing and whether Noah is napping as to whether I get the chance to listen to my body! Out of the week, there was only 1 day where I did actually get the chance to nap and it was only an hour as hubby woke me up, not Noah! Which amused me.

I managed to do the BIG family food shop this week and let me just say now, I will not be volunteering that again for a longgggg time, it wiped me out completely and took about 2 hours from start to finish: why we do not shop online I will never know! I think the suggestion is needed to hubby… funnily enough this was the day I managed to get the nap in, so I think I might have been a little more worn out than usual!


Bumpometer update

weight: 9 st 7 still
Measurement: 102.5 cms

2 days of work left, over next week
Maternity Leave starts in 6 days
2 weeks until due date

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