Noah has been very fortunate to review the YBIKE Pewi over the past few months and it really is a fabulous little bike for toddlers. Not only does it look really stylish and rather funky for the little tots, it is great fun and great value – which is even better.

I have to admit that I didn’t put the YBIKE together myself, as Grandad did it for Noah, but as I watched him make it up – I asked for his feedback and the fact that it took him no longer than 20 mins, indicated to me that it was relatively easy to build. Grandad said that it was easy to follow the instructions and he didn’t struggle with any of it; so I am confident that it is an easy product to assemble. It would usually be the case that I would say “If I can build it, anyone can”, but I’ll refrain from offending Grandad πŸ™‚

Considering Noah had only been walking a couple of months, this fabulous bike that is designed to help with their motor skills and balancing skills has helped him no end. When you first start using the Pewi it is quite hard to get your balance, but this is great as this is how you learn to co-ordinate yourself to gain balance, now you will see Noah just gets straight on it and zooms around. You will often find Noah getting on his YBIKE Pewi and scooting across the lounge, or merely walking around with it, as if he is leading a horse into battle.

I am looking forward to getting the next YBIKE for Noah and progressing his skills even further, these are great little bikes and very “cool”, I have no doubt that when it comes to nursery and school Noah will be asked where he gets his bike from!

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