I say that very loosely, as he had lots of wonderful presents and loves them all, but there is one present, he technically hasnt got yet that will be his favourite.

Meet Noah’s baby brother/sister, due on the 5th May 2012!

We are so happy to announce that we are currently 17 weeks pregnant, after an amazing second attempt at making a baby we hit the jackpot first time, so we have a perfect 18 month gap. Which is exactly what we planned and hoped for, we appreciate how lucky we are to have this amazing luck and special gift and we cannot wait for our new bundle to join the Constant household next May. Lots of lovely babies due very soon and lots of lovely babies have just arrived. Noah has lots of new friends and baby numero 2 will have lots of fabulous friends too… Zaria has 2 weeks to go and looks like she is about to explode bless her, very excited to meet Baby Bettles, check her blog over on: http://www.babybettles.com/

Noah Update

Noah has been a busy little bee of late, he can now walk, he takes long walks sometimes and other times ends up on his bum, but he is getting there. He looks like he is doing a zombie walk at the moment, its really funny. I have uploaded a few videos on to YouTube so that you can see him tottering about.

Noahs First Big Walk and A little bit of a walk…

He always looks so chuffed with himself after he has done a mini Constant walk, its so amazing. Although I didnt realise there would be this period of stumbling, I assumed he would learn how to walk and then he’d be off… he attempts to walk all day long, where he used to crawl he now walks, only off of furniture… he cant quite stand up himself yet.

Today he learnt to sing E-I-E-I-O “sort of” along with mummy when we sing Old MacDonalds Farm. He does like to sing this song bless him, another video here: E-I-E-I-O. It sounds a little like he is mouthing the sounds out to what I am saying, but its a start at him learning how to sing/talk, so its made me a very proud mummy.

So now we have mum mum, dada, num nums, hiya and e-i-e-i-o to our list of Noah words. He claps when you sing “If youre happy and you know it clap your hands”, he waves hello and bye, he is walking, standing, climbing and crawling… I think hes pretty much on target for a nearly 13 month old! Wow, over 1 years old, I never thought he would get this old and bless him, he is still in some of his 6-9 months clothes!

Thanks again to everyone for Noah’s cards, presents and visits and for our wonderful cards for baby numero 2. We are very excited and looking forward to seeing how Noah is with his baby brother/sister….

Bump updates to come soon and Noah updates to continue, watch this space for a review on a fantastic Bathtub Admiral “Babies first year” book….

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