Isla is 5 weeks old today, I know I said this last week but where has it gone? The weeks are just whizzing past and I hardly feel like I have blinked before its another week milestone again.

This week I have started to get Isla’s corner decorated with her pinkness, the “kids” (OMG I have 2 now haha) will be sharing the penthouse suite of the Constant Household and so Noah has his side and Isla will have her side. Did you notice the Pooh Bear spelling of corner… silly old bear! She hasn’t got a cotbed yet, but we are on the case and I have got some beautiful Mama’s and Papa’s items to decorate the cot, just need a duvet & pink sheets, instead of blue.

I’ve been finding all of Noah’s newborn, early baby items and going through them to see what Isla can have and play with and I came across Noah’s pink Lamaze dragon. I love that photo, its like Isla is saying to me “Mum, I don’t want to alert you but there is a huge pink dragon in my bed!”

Along with a lot of things that I am sure Isla will not want to play with when she gets a little bigger and stronger, there was the Bumbo! I loved Noah in his Bumbo, he always looked bewildered and content at the same time and surprisingly Isla looks the same. I am not 100% she was meant to be sitting in it at 5 weeks old, but she can hold her head up and I put her in it for the purpose of the photo – so I am hoping I will not be getting told off for that… *Reminder to go and check Bumbo site for advice on when baby can sit in it! She does look cute though, you have to admit it, even if you disagree with the fact she is sitting in the Bumbo, just humour me, please?!

This week has been a week of gifts too, she has yet again been spoilt and to be honest she has had some very lovely and thoughtful gifts. Auntie Zaria brought her some Funky Giraffe Bibs and I have never seen them before, nor used them with Noah – but they are just too cute and really clever designs. Did you notice the Isla Rae bib? 🙂 They are ultra soft on the under side, so I know they will not itch or irritate Isla, at such a young age and they fit snuggly around her chin and catch the baby sick! She has started being sick this week, mainly because she is being a greedy guts and having too much milk, so she gets rid of the excess, lovely!

I was very lucky to win a competition by Ideasbynet last week and bagged us some amazon vouchers, so I brought Isla this baby nest by the ELC (Early Learning Centre) its called Blossom Farm Baby Nest and cost £40. I had never heard of a baby nest before, but I am glad I found it – its totally adorable. Isla can be placed on it on her tummy,side or back at this newborn stage and she can snuggle in the nest or play with toys, or just sit staring at the bright lights in the room and window. When she gets a little older and starts to want to sit up on her own the mouse ring folds in half and creates a chair almost, so that she has back support as well as comfort. Genius idea and looks so comfortable, I want to get in there with her.

Her colickyness seems to be getting better now and she is definitely getting a lot more alert, oh and I had the biggest smile off of her today. She lit up the whole room and made me want to squeeze her, I am so in love with my baby girl and my baby boy, I feel like the luckiest mummy in the world… tbc

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Last Update: Thursday, 14th June 2012