FL2A0711I have blogged over at Direct2Mum in regards to my little Isla Rae and how she does not sleep… Yes I thought she was onto a roll the other week, but according to Isla and the past few nights – she has other plans. Direct2Mum is a great website where you can find products, help and support throughout each stage of creating your family… pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and beyond!

Check out my blog post: A non-sleeping over 1, is no fun!

So my little angel is now over 1 years old and she is still not sleeping through the night. The one thing that I really didn’t want when having children is a child that doesn’t sleep. I know you cannot pick and choose and I love both of my children very much, but if I had had Isla first – I really don’t know if I would have been a mother of 2. Its been a tough 15 months, nearly 16 months since Isla was born. Noah was a textbook baby, sleeping through from 8 weeks and sleeping well… Read more.


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Last Update: Monday, 2nd September 2013