Grass fights and big smiles!

This weekend we took a walk in Godmanchester, there is a little park that leads onto a big open common, surrounded by the river and there is lots to do and see. We mainly had fun throwing grass at eachother, watching the trains and boats and we even stopped and watched the boats move through the locks. Noah was fascinated by that.


I love his little happy face, when playing grass fights with Daddy he just looked so happy and care free, it is lovely to see them playing like that. I am looking forward to when Isla is a bit older and faster, then they can play chasing and grass fights together.





After the fun of playing grass fights we watched the boats on the river, the locks amazed Noah and how the boats came through the “door” and under the bridge to get out. We sat there contently for the whole time they were undoing locks and closing gates, Noah was amazed.



Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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