Well, we couldn’t go to Cornwall and not visit our friends at Coombe Mill and boy am I glad we did! The place is absolutely amazing, you can see some of it on the website:  http://www.coombemill.com/. We were very lucky to have the opportunity to visit, as you can only use this magical farm if you are renting one of the fabulous cottages/lodges for a holiday! So you really do need to get booking, here’s why:

The place is just designed for children, from start to finish – the properties cater for children, the farm is child proof and there are kiddie play areas everywhere. Not to mention the very first thing the lovely Fiona did was to equip me with a baby carrier so that we could get Isla around the farm adequately – the buggy might have been a bit of a struggle, I was completely amazed with how efficient, organised, prepared and fun Coombe Mill Farm was.

We had some fun in the soft play area, where Isla commando crawled everywhere and watched her big brother climbing all over the slide and soft play equipment. The shed is kitted out with soft mattresses covering all the walls, so the little ones won’t hurt each other and the entrance is even a special gate to stop the children escaping quickly. Its like every little detail has been thought of, you can tell that a lot of children have grown up on this farm! Noah made the most out of the tractor play area too before we went home, he does love a tractor!

We had a tour of the farm, from the piggies to the bunny rabbits and Noah fed the ponies and pygmy goats. He said pony and now he says farmer, the farmer drives the tractor – he was completely amazed. We were told that when you are a guest at Coombe Mill Farm in one of their lovely properties, you can roam the farm and grounds whenever you like and there is a farm run in the mornings to feed the animals and the kiddies get to drive up front in the tractor – Noah would just love it! We are definitely booking up a holiday here ASAP and I really cannot wait to stay there, we will stay in one of the Scandinavian lodges – they look stunning and right by the flowing river and another play area. It really is a little plot of 30 acre heaven!

I am gutted we missed out this weekend though, they had a big bonfire planned and lots of special events for the Halloween/bonfire night week (the bonfire to start at children appropriate time too!). It sounded like it was going to be a great weekend and Christmas/New Year also sounds fun. Its a really great atmosphere on the farm and Fiona is really lovely, she made us feel welcome and looked after us from the moment we stepped out of the car. I couldn’t recommend this place enough, if you have children or not! 🙂

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Last Update: Friday, 2nd November 2012