Top tips on finding the most comfortable fitness clothes

Finding the right fitness clothes for your workouts and exercise regimes can be tricky. I have gone through many items in the past, one item I particular have trouble with is the sports bra. I never can find the right size which means they are either useless or too restricting. Finding  comfortable sports clothes is an essential task if you want to make the most out of your workouts. 


If the trainers are not right you will not do as well in your exercise class. For example when doing a plank if you haven’t got the right grip you will end up slipping across the gym floor. This can hinder your exercise plan and make it uncomfortable as you have to struggle to hold yourself up. Also, having ill fitting trainers can mean you get blisters on your heels. 

Sports bra

I have gone through many of these. I find them difficult to buy for, probably because I do not have a huge bust. Make sure they are not too tight as this will restrict your movement and too lose means they will not be effective. Getting the right shape like these Knix sports bras will help keep you the most comfortable. Now I have found the right style I wear them all of the time. They are really comfortable. Make sure you try on a few different shapes and sizes to make sure you have optimum comfort. 


I found that the leggings with the tummy support help me the most. They are available from many high street shops these days so you can find them easily. I find the tummy support helps me to feel secure as I have had 2 children – this needs nothing more said on the matter I am sure. I find tummy support is extremely comfortable when exercising and I would recommend this. 


You want something to cover your sports bra that will be comfortable too. Making sure you have something that isn’t baggy, or too distracting as this can get in your way when trying to exercise. Also, something too close to your skin can be equally as frustrating. If you are a sweaty work out person then try something a little more lose to your skin, this will help to keep air flow through your body and not display the sweat patches as easily. Oh and white is always a good option to not show up a sweat patch too! 

I hope this has been helpful, if you have any further comments or tips I would love to hear them in the comments below or on social media: @Mummyconstant. 



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Top tips on finding the most comfortable fitness clothes

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