We all know the importance of keeping healthy, yet some of us need a little bit more motivation to do it than others, mainly our partners! For me it’s the other way around as Hubby is brilliant at keeping fit and he has to motivate me. Quite often! Sometimes it can be a bit annoying that they can’t do anything to look after their weight, or are just making sure that they are looking after themselves a little bit more than they actually are. But, rather than spending hours upon hours begging them, or guilting them into exercise, this isn’t going to result in them getting up off the couch. So what are the best ways to do it?

Lead By Example

One of the best ways to get anybody exercising is to show them that you are doing it yourself. So, if they can see that you are getting home from work and heading out for a run, and you do this every day, after a while, the message will be clear. There’s no point in us nagging for them to get up if we aren’t going to do anything ourselves.

Offer A Little Bit More Help

Sometimes it’s not the lack of motivation; it could be the lack of energy. And this could be the result of both your diets. So, think about giving them that little bit more energy, either by diet, or a handy supplement, a herb like Tongkat Ali helps to raise testosterone which can help with exercises like bodybuilding. There is nothing wrong with a bit of what you fancy on occasion, diet-wise, but if it’s not supplemented with the right vitamins, minerals, and herbs, and combining this with an excess amount of sugar in the diet, there’s no surprise that your partner feels sluggish.

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Work Together

Being motivated to exercise together, can be a way for you both to get fit, but it can also help you to spend a bit more quality time together. Making it a part of your life as something you do as a couple, could replace that evening in front of the television, or even replaces that evening you both have out separately. Not just this, but a way for you to get him to start exercising is to show him how strong you actually are. And while this may be a little bit antiquated, some people can’t bear the idea of their partner being stronger than them. So show him, intimidating him, or spurring him on in this respect may be the best way for you to actually get him off the couch! It helps you too push yourself further; you may want to start thinking about exercises like squats, planking, or strength exercises like bent over rows, or even deadlifts. Strength exercises aren’t all about a couple of reps here and there, you can make the most of building up your strength without you turning into a muscle machine. Workouts like Stronglifts 5×5 show you how to build up strength by using a few key exercises.

Getting your partner to exercise can be a lot of hassle, but it is important, not just for the health, but for you both to grow together. This may be the thing that you can both really enjoy doing together, and it’s very good for you. It’s win-win!

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Last Update: Thursday, 2nd November 2017