Obviously getting fit is all about raising your heart rate and completing exercise. In whatever capacity that be in, I prefer classes where I have someone to motivate me constantly. Some people like to go to the gym alone or long runs, training for a distance goal for example. But it’s not just that exercise that is important, its before and after too, you should always look after yourself. Getting the right mattress for starters and Tempur have a great range. My fitness goals for the year are to maintain a steady pattern of exercise doing the things I enjoy. But to also make sure I look after my body when I am not working out.

Here are a few tips on how to keep your body fit after your workout:

Sleep on the right mattress

Do not let people tell you otherwise, sleep is the best medicine and when you have worked your body hard and strengthened those muscles – a good nights sleep on a good mattress is key. Tempur mattresses provide the ultimate support for recovery after a workout because they use the right materials. Serena Williams swears by them. The Tempur Hybrid mattress is made from PrecisionTM MicroCoils which conforms to the shape of your body whilst you sleep and helps to relieve pressure. Your body repairs itself whilst you sleep so ensuring you get the best sleep is vital. Any excuse for me to be in bed really!

Have a sports massage

This is a great way to help your body after exercise but not just because it feels good. A sports massage softens the tissues in your muscles allowing them to soak up nutrients better, which means they repair themselves quicker. It creates a better circulation in your body which means your body will look after itself better when you have had a tough workout. You can have a sports massage as often as you like too, once a month is a good start I would suggest or if you are in pain go more regularly but you can speak to your masseuse about that.

Eat your protein

Eating protein helps to repair your muscles. Simple breakfasts like eggs and beans are a great source of protein, if you are eating after your workout top it off with a toasted brioche roll too. There are some great post workout recipes out there, we like Joe Wicks as he has a variety of foods and they are easy to turn into vegetarian options too. Our favourite in the Constant household is the build up bagel: we use Quorn chicken, eggs, BBQ sauce and of course the bagel. It is delicious and fills you up nicely after a workout. Having a vegan diet is also a good way of eating a healthy, protein based diet, Vegan Liftz is an example of how you can do this to have a stronger, fitter, body.

Hydrate your skin

Yes I do mean drink plenty of water, there is a recommended amount of water to drink a day and apps like Lifesum really help you to stay on top of this. But not only should you hydrate your body by drinking water, after a workout it is really important to soak your muscles in a hot bath or shower. The heat helps to soothe your muscles after the workout but also to keep your skin clean. During exercise we sweat and sometimes get dirty, muddy runs for example, so it is always good to wash away the oils and grease from our skin.

If you have any other suggestions on how to keep fit after our workouts I would love to hear them on social media, @mummyconstant, or in the comments below.

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Tempur and all opinions are my own. 

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Last Update: Friday, 26th April 2019