Saturday 9 July 2017 we went to Go Ape in Thetford, it is based at High Lodge. We love it there and to try out the Junior Go Ape course was an incredible treat. We got there quite early, which meant it wasn’t too busy either. I love Go Ape, we tried the Ally Pally Go Ape course a couple of months ago, the kiddies loved it. So I knew we would all love this course too. It’s the first ever Go Ape!

It’s such a fantastic idea and there is something amazing about being up high in the trees. I forgot where I was. Isla was pretending she was part of the Gorilla family. I am a very extroverted person, so is Daddy, it was so nice to soak up the surroundings and feed off that energy. The kiddies zoomed around, they are so amazing at the courses. Nothing really phases them. Isla had a little wobble and at one point her feet dangled in-between two trees, but just like the practice run at the start, she knew that she could get back up and carry on.

The junior course is separated from the adult course, there are different obstacles and challenges. More suitable for little people. When we were being fitted up, we were told that they are refurbishing the junior course – it was the first one and was in need of some TLC. I hope they make the zip wire really long – that is by far the best bit!

The course is over the children’s park area, which can be quite daunting when you’re underneath. We didn’t fall on any one though, no one does, obviously! Make sure you don’t wear a skirt though, people will get a nice view. The adult course is more in the woods and so you do not have such an audience. There are usually guides near the entrances so that you can measure how tall you are: red is for junior and green is for adult. But you also need to be at least 10 years old too.

I made this short video of our day trip to Go Ape in Thetford, it’s a brief clip of the course and the prep that is involved too. It’s useful to see if you are planning a trip with the family, you will know what to expect.

If you have any questions then please do ask away, if there is anything I can help with I will try…


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Last Update: Sunday, 30th July 2017