We have been doing a lot around the house since we moved in, we are really making it our family home. When Wayfair said they wanted to help us to style up a room, for under £600, I loved the idea of a challenge and instantly thought about the diner in our kitchen as it had been neglected. Here are my before and after pictures with the diner and what we have done.

Here is what the diner looked like when we moved in and then after we gave it a lick of paint/changed the floors. It is amazing how different it looks now compared to back in January:

Here is our shopping list from Wayfair and how we used these items to spruce up our diner. You will find the links to the Wayfair products, prices may vary and all products are chosen by me to use in our diner area.

Our new table and chairs

I love this table and chair set, I really wanted a circle table as I thought it made the space look a bit more inviting. It is also easier to get around the table than squeezing behind each other, like before. The table also has drop leaf sides which means, if we need to, we can collapse the sides and push the table to the side. We have big family meals, with extended family, quite frequently so getting a table that could extend our main dining table was essential. This fits perfectly, it enables us to get at least 10 around the table. This set is currently £204.99 (bargain).

Floating shelf set

We love these shelves. I have never really had shelves up in the house as we have always rented, we just haven’t altered the walls too much. So when we bought this house we knew we could put up funky shelves. These floating shelves come in a set of 4, all different sizes and they come in different colours. We chose the white ones to go with the area in the kitchen and are £83.99.

Circular rug

I absolutely adore this rug, it has made such a difference to the diner area. I knew we were getting the grey wooden flooring so I wanted something that linked with the grey theme and this rug certainly does that. It is a hardwearing rug and is sourced from sustainable materials, using ethical labour too. This handmade rug from India is £77.99 and looks amazing.

Tablewear to finish it off

The area just wouldn’t be complete without some fun items to go with the new table and chairs. I found some fabulous speckled Gin glasses, they are a WOW when we are entertaining and I just love a Gin cocktail. They are £25.99 for a set of 4 and look very pretty.

We are always baking in our awesome Rangemaster and so getting bakeware that lasts (and looks good when it’s been used a lot) was essential. These Jamie Oliver Square baking dishes are perfect for an evening meal, or simply oven cooking our vegetarian sausages! The set comes with 2 and is £19.99. We love Jamie Oliver and so we had to stock up on our Jamie Oliver Wine Glasses, we had 4 of these when we got married but had ended up with 1. So we ordered 2 more packs so that when we are entertaining we have enough “matching” wine glasses. It frustrates me as we never have enough when we host for a party of 6. A set of 4 glasses is £19.99.

With the tableware, we went for a set that meant we can now host for 8 people. When we have dinner parties we have on average 6 people. When we have our big family meals we can have 8 adults and then the small people. So we wanted something that can sit up to 8 people and I love the black and white theme, we thought they felt Moroccan. These sets are £34.99 for a 12 piece, we ordered 2.

I think the area looks very different and it is the space most used in the mornings, for the children to have their breakfast or when Daddy is cooking dinner we sit and keep him company. I love the fact I now have selves to style for the different seasons. Did you notice the Easter theme? What would you do with your diner if you could do the same? What items would you would choose? Comment below or catch me on social media: @mummyconstant.

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Last Update: Friday, 12th April 2019