During lockdown our anxieties have been heightened, our need for a safe place has never been more vital. The need for a comfortable place to sleep, or just take 5, has become really important to us. I have focussed on sleeping better to help my immune system stay strong but also to help me not feel too overwhelmed with everything going on. So I found some luxury touches to add to our bed, to make it the perfect relaxation space.

Finding the right pillow

This is really important to me as getting the right sleep can depend on how comfortable the pillow is. Because of my dust allergies, I have to ensure I find the right pillow that prevents dust build up and therefore doesn’t trigger my allergy. I found these luxury, bamboo pillows from CosyBoo and they are memory foam too. They are anti-dust, anti-mould and they have naturally antibacterial properties, as well as being certified free from harmful chemicals and residues. Perfect. We have been using our pillows for a good few months now and I can confirm that my posture is better when I sleep, my neck and head are in the perfect position when I sleep and they are so comfortable.


The other thing I really love about these pillows is the silky cover, that you can remove and wash. It’s really easy to keep them clean. Try them now and see if you can feel the difference, the air flow that circulates through the pillows when you sleep, it keeps you cool and comfortable. They really are comfortable. I will never return to a normal pillow again.


Getting a comfortable mattress

We recently got a new mattress for our bed, it seemed huge when we first got it as it is quite a thick mattress. However, it has done wonders throughout lockdown. We chose the Sleep Soul pocket spring mattress from Happy Beds and it is so comfortable. It comes with a pillow top that adds extra comfort and support, I like the bed soft and cosy whereas Hubby likes the mattress firm. The pillowtop somehow gives us both the support we need. We love it. Our bed is so bouncy and comfortable, it’s helped to provide that safe space to rest and reflect at the end of a busy day.


Try a new duvet for your bed

Not only do you need the right pillows and mattress, but you want a duvet that covers you and helps you feel secure at night, and warm! We were really lucky to receive the new hygienic bedding from Night Owl, the washable duvet and breathable. You do not have to cover the duvets if you do not want to and they fit in the washing machine and dry in 90 minutes. So you can wash them once and week and have fresh smelling bedding every week. It is such a good feeling to get into a freshly made bed.


What have you added to your bed to make it the most comfortable? Have you found you are more tired, since Lockdown started? I would love to know what luxury touches you have added to your bed in the comments below. Don’t forget to check out my Mattress Cleaning Hacks as this also helps to get a better nights sleep. The cat isn’t included!