Working from home is amazing, but it is now down to me to ensure I get the right storage and stationery. I don’t want just any old thing in my home office though, I want savvy storage with style! I love making this space my own, and I want it to be somewhere that inspires me to work as I am a very creative person. The progress of this room is exciting and it’s finally beginning to feel finished.

Have a little fun

I absolutely love LEGO and these LEGO storage boxes are just perfect; I got one in white and black. You can get them in blocks of 4 or 8 (small or large) and they can be stacked on top of each other. It is literally like playing with giant LEGO bricks. The large bricks measure 50cm x 25cm x 18cm and so are perfect for storing away your LEGO or in my case my stationery and crafting items. Next job is for me to use my Cricut machine to personalise these bricks!

Make use of the wall space

I absolutely adore this large block pegboard. It matches the décor in my home office perfectly and I think it looks really cool – it’s versatile too. You can add different accessories to it, to make it fit your needs. I added the letter holder, the picture ledge and the blackboard. I just need to decide what picture I want to print out to put on my ledge, what do you think?

Make use of each nook

I have storage, within storage on top of storage in my home office. I love my big storage unit and in each nook I have either box storage, drawers or cupboard, the LEGO bricks on top or I use the nook to display some of my favourite things – like my Harry Potter LEGO collection! Red Candy have so many fabulous storage solutions that you can fill your nooks up with stylish and savvy storage in no time. It makes for a perfect Christmas gift idea too!

Do you have any funky storage ideas that can be used in your home office? I would love to know in the comments below. Check out my other home reviews for more inspiration around the home.

Red Candy sent me these items in exchange for my honest feedback. All photography is my own. #PRGifted.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 1st May 2024