You may have seen our Master Bedroom reveal recently, well it needed some finishing touches to make it complete and that’s exactly what we did. I love our bedroom, it’s amazing how different it looks from a year ago when we moved in. You can see the before and after photos in the original post.

Firstly, I have added a new dressing table to the bedroom. This mirrored dressing table from Beautify has really brightened the room up. Because it is a mirror it is transferring the light from the hallway and window throughout the room. It’s nice as I can see the dogs walking around the bed too, with Snoopy being blind I can see if he bangs his head on the way around. Bless him! The dressing table comes with a really large drawer, which means I can store everything away neatly. It’s perfect.

Dressing table

I then found some fantastic items from Linens Limited that really make my bed feel like a posh hotel bed. I love making it every morning and jumping in it every night. Firstly I chose the decorative cushions for the bed, this would be the basis for all the other colours I chose on the other accessories. I went for a dark grey quilted velvet cushion, a puzzle pattern cushion with colours ranging from pink to grey and a little pretty pink pom pom cushion.


I then chose a really nice pink bedding set, blush pink and gold really match with the greys in the bedroom and I think it looks really refreshing. I chose the geometric bedding as it brought a pattern to the room and broke up the solid colours around it. The blush pink is matched in the cushions too. I finished off the bed with this lovely dark grey diamond throw, it matches the cushions and brings the greys and pinks together just perfectly.

throw and cat

I then chose a fluffy grey rug to go at the end of the bed, where we had a large gap of the wooden flooring, the rug is comfortable on our feet but also helps to stop the dogs tip tapping around the bedroom in the night. It brings warmth to the room too, it’s amazing how a rug can make such a huge difference to a bedroom. Did I mention it is super soft?

Fluffy rug

Finally, I carried on the pom pom theme with these beautiful baskets from Beautify. They are really sturdy baskets, which is perfect for storing items around the house. I love them. They go with the greys and pinks in the room as they really stand out. I just love them. I use one for keeping my journals and books by my bed, one for my hair accessories and one for a new plant. Which we called Boris! I need these baskets for every room in the house, they are so versatile.


I use these pretty luggage organisers from Beautify to keep my dressing table drawer organised. I love them. They are primarily for when we are travelling, but when we are not I use them to keep my drawers organised at home. It’s perfect for make up, headbands and keeping tights together. They are soft in texture, a nice tone of grey and I love the rose gold zips.

Luggage Organiser

This whole make over cost less than £200 and has really transferred the bedroom. I would love to know what finishing touches you add to your bedroom to make it have that extra comfort and snuggly feeling. Comment below or on social media: @mummyconstant.

These products were sent to me in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and photography are my own.

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  • Margaret Gallagher
    Sunday, June 7, 2020

    Totally stunning – would love to recreate exactly – you have great taste

  • Susan Smith
    Monday, June 8, 2020

    The finishing touches is what finishes a room, those little bits

  • Margaret Clarkson
    Saturday, August 22, 2020

    Good advice, thank you.