As you know we moved into our new home back in January and it has been a very busy time making our family home. We finally, thankfully, managed to get the children’s bedrooms carpeted over bank holiday weekend and this kicked off a trail of events. Once the carpet was complete, we could build Isla’s new furniture and make her bedroom just right. I absolutely love her bedroom; it would have been a dream bedroom for me growing up. Isla is 7 tomorrow and what a perfect time to finish off her beautiful space. 

When we first moved into this house this bedroom looked completely different. It had a green carpet that was over 30 years old. The walls were a mint green and all the woodwork was a green colour too. The first weekend in our new home was spent stripping the wallpaper in this room and painting everything white. It’s amazing how different the room looks today! 

There are a few main factors I had in mind when thinking about her bedroom furniture; safety, durability and storage solutions. It has always been important to me to design the children’s rooms with furniture that is built to last. For example, their cots turned into toddler beds, so they stayed with us for 5 years before we pursued single bed sizes. 

The main furniture

Making sure that the items we buy are safe, is very important. I didn’t want to get furniture that could fall on her and crush her. Or too heavy for her to manoeuvre. We chose not to get Isla sets of drawers, albeit they served us well for years, we had many accidents where the drawers had fallen onto the kids – it’s a wonder how they didn’t get hurt. We came across the Wooden Furniture Store and they had some amazing nursery furniture on their website. I instantly fell in love with the double wardrobe from the Obaby Stamford range, with it’s soft close doors and curved design. 

Not only is the wardrobe safe, it is built for nurseries so has the baby and toddler testing checked – it is also designed to last. Durability is key. I want this wardrobe to last Isla until she is an older child. Where she has filled it to the brim with fashionable clothes (she is far more fashionable than I am). I asked Isla what she wanted to store on the wardrobe shelves, they are perfect for displaying her ornaments and she agreed she wanted her Disney ornaments and unicorns on display. They look super cute. 

The drawers are great for smaller items that are difficult to hang. The drawers have a safe handle which helps to prevent getting trapped fingers. Isla loves choosing her own clothes and getting ready for the day. She’s not so great at putting them away though. 

Isla has books, toys and stationery everywhere… oh and beauty products. We chose a cute day bed that has drawers and shelves under it – it is perfect for Isla’s books and toys. She has secret notepads and pens right under her pillow. I love watching her writing little notes. The day bed goes with the wardrobe which is important as you want the furniture to work well together! 

Storage for a 7-year-old 

The smaller storage items we have in Isla’s room are the cute toy baskets. They are great for her soft toy collection – she has hundreds. We also have this beautiful storage unit that is perfect for her perfume, lip gloss collection and hair accessories. She loves it! 

Finishing touches

I thought about the bed canopy for a long time. I wasn’t sure if it was too much, but it looks perfect in her room. She said it was her princess bed. I am so glad she loves it all. I absolutely adore this rainbow rug from Great Little Trading Company, we got the grey rope basket from there too.

The Alice Rabbit Head is from ReRoom and I love it. There is definitely something Alice in Wonderland about it – which brings a little magic to the room. The curtains are from Dunelm, along with the lampshade and the Woodland Fairy Lights frame the window nicely – they are so cute from Lights4Fun.

Finally the carpet was a cut off, from our local Carpetright and Daddy fit this with help from his Dad. I was so impressed. The carpet is so soft and completes the room. It is perfect.

Over on Instagram you will find the great bedroom reveal, including a video tour of her bedroom items listed above and swipe up stories so you can shop the look. I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below or on social media: @mummyconstant

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  • Kara
    Sunday, May 12, 2019

    Another unicorn fan – her bedroom looks fabulous