This week has been a bit all over the place, and unfortunately my fitness plans have gone right out of the window. It all started last week with firstly the gym classes being fully booked and therefore I didn’t get a place in them and also our poor little Snoopy got poorly and all my concentrations went on him getting better. The first couple of days I was a mess with worry, as you would expect. So along came the lack of sleep, the worry and the comfort eating. A downward spiral.


I have had many goals for the week, like to do at least 4 sessions of exercise: 2 HIT sessions at home, my Zumba class and my gym class. But only one of these have happened this week and that was Zumba. So I am not doing too good. I feel because I have missed so many classes that the swing of it has gone and I feeling so lethargic at the moment that I do not have the umph I need to get going. I need some good nights sleep and to get back into the routine of the exercise classes again. Another of my goals was to start drinking hot water with lemon, it is meant to be really good for you and gives you a nice boost of energy. I still havent had sugar in my tea since I started on the healthy spiral, I am still having honey which is great and I am keeping up with that. I just need to stop with the caffeine drinks altogether really. No more cups of tea. Or maybe one. Not five a day.

My main problem is tiredness. When I am tired I need those boosts to get me through the working day, the evening, to be honest even just the mornings. So I wake up and I have a cup of tea. I get to work and have a cup of tea. When I start to get sleepy at 3pm I have a cup of tea. I need to buy some lemons and get Daddy to hide the tea bags. I know when I am not tired I will be able to focus and achieve the goals I have set myself.

I have the motivation all there ready to slap me in the face every day: my post baby belly! When I look at my bare stomach I hate it. It really does need to go. I look like I am four months pregnant still, with stretch marks to boot. I need to tone it up and keep it toned.

So how do I find the right balance? To not feel so tired and to get started with the fitness plans all over again. I’m going to use my favourite to keep me on track, a list!

My goals

Goal number 1

Get some early nights whilst the children are sleeping through.

Goal number 2

Drop all “caffeine” from the day, acceptable amount is one cup of tea. Not five.

Goal number 3

To do at least five sessions of exercise before next Friday. That’s seven days to do five sessions. That could be a gym class, Zumba class or the HIT sessions, or maybe an hours bike ride.

Wish me luck!

What do you think?

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  • Jodie
    Saturday, May 23, 2015

    my fitness goals have been ignored too. I’ve been munching and indulging on biscuits forgetting to run and do a workout.

  • Mirka @Fitness4Mamas
    Sunday, May 24, 2015

    So sorry to hear it’s not going according to your plans, but we all go thtough times like this. I hate when I miss my spinning class because is fully booked, and it’s so easy to loose the fitness because of not attending your regular classes. Also the lack of sleep will always have an ibfluence on you. Don’t be too hard onyourseffl! It will get better, just do not give up! Doing at least something will keep you on track and once you gave your sleep you will beanie to do all you are planning to do. Cheer up x #Fitness4Mamas