Monday 8th November 5:55pm it all kicked off. I had my first contraction. I was very much in denial for the first few as I’d been experiencing braxton hicks throughout the pregnancy. But they started off every 10 minutes.

The contractions very quickly got to 7 mins apart. So we called midwife number & they advised paracetamol and a bath. So I took some paracetamol and got in the bath – neither helped!! The contractions were now 5 mins apart and getting more unbearable. It was 8:30pm by the time they were 3mins apart… I was squeezing Dean’s hand with every contraction and feeling very tense. We called the midwife number again & they said to come in now!

We waited for the contraction to finish & made a run for the car. As soon as I sat down my waters broke, luckily Dean had put towels down on the chair. Dean pulled up outside the hospital in the ambulance bay, a paramedic was just about to tell him off when they saw me trying to get out & the paramedic zoomed me up to delivery whilst Deano had to go park!!

Delivery was full and short staffed so we couldn’t use the birthing pool but There was a delivery room available. A midwife told me to get changed & showed me how to do the gas & air. This is how it went for a couple of hours- everytime I had a contraction I was to breathe in the gas & air!!

It started to hurt even more & I asked for more pain relief and the midwife told me pethadine would be best as I was too tense & that would relax me. So I had the shot!!

After that the evening was a blur but I remember bits & my mum and Deano keep telling me things which makes me remember certain things.

It wasn’t what I was expecting & there were complications along the way but at 1:03am on Tuesday 9th November 2010 little Noah Constant was born into the world.

He had the cord stuck around his neck & arm and had a struggle breathing because of it, so he got taken to baby care unit for few hours. He was then given back to me at around 4am when Deano had come back & we were taken to the lilac ward, where we said goodbye to daddy & me and Noah were left to it until 10am.

I was in some pain and anaemic from birth and Noah needed monitoring for 24 hours because his blood sugar levels were low. But he was fine & ate well on my breast milk.

We were both given the all clear the next day & we went home Wednesday afternoon to greet the doglets & puddy tat!!

Our little family is now complete… Well for a couple of years anyhow!!

Welcome Noah, I’m very much looking forward to watching you grow.

Love you lots
Mummy xxxx

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