Noah has changed so much over the past month, very noticeably, and in a good way.

He plays with toys better, he seems to be more creative with his playing too. So instead of just putting bricks together he’ll make things and talk to himself, show me what he’s doing and he’s starting to tidy up after himself too. He plays with his cars really nicely, he puts them on the windy garage and plays with that for ages. When he was younger he would put the cars on the garage and cry when they got stuck. Now he understands to pick the car up and put it on its wheels, the right way up, so that it doesn’t get stuck.

Overall, his behaviour has become so much better, not as many tantrums or crying fits and I can only assume its because his level of understanding is much better too. Don’t get me wrong, we still have tantrums and stressful moments but they are few & far between. It’s usually when the word NO comes into the equation!

He knows what I’m saying to him now, so if I ask to clean his hands he lets me, ask him to put the rubbish in the bin he helps me and things like “would you like a bath now?”. It makes life a lot easier because he responds in the right way. In saying that, you have to be careful not to say things like shower, bath, milk, bottle when you don’t want him to think about it because he won’t let it drop!

Words to add to the Noah word list:
Cup of tea
Lorry (with the R’s)

He says phrases like “night night daddy” and “silly daddy”, so his speech is developing really well.

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Last Update: Monday, 10th September 2012