This month has been a little more difficult than other months; random sleeping patterns, willingness to say no to everything (even when wanting to do something) and trying to keep him motivated without causing a tantrum has been tricky.


Noah Sentences

Well you wouldn’t think now he was ever referred to the speech therapist! He is talking in perfect sentences and most often using really descriptive words that I would never expect him to come out with – I guess it’s all this copying what everyone else says. We really have to be careful what words we use now as little Noah has started to say all sorts of things that sound awfully like naughty words – hopefully they are not intending to be! Oops. The other night he told me that he wanted to go and sit on the sofa and watch The Polar Express whilst Mummy made him a cup of tea! I was quite gobsmacked at the length of the sentence and the cup of tea comment made me chuckle, we don’t make him cups of tea but I guess that is what Mummy and Daddy do. He is starting to explain things to Isla now which is a joy to hear, he is trying to get her to say words now she is talking and encouraging her to learn what is good and what is bad – he is doing a really good job of training her.



He stills loves all the things he has ever loved doing, but I suppose you could say that the games and creativity is evolving. You can hear it in the words he is using when he is playing, the way he describes things or actions – he is painting a picture of the scene he see’s in his head and it is pretty incredible to listen to. Next time I catch him playing like that, I will make sure I video it. He has been playing with his LeapPad a lot more this month and now he really understands how to use the apps and games, he will sit there playing the games and you can hear the LeapPad voice saying “well done” “good job” etc, so you know he is doing what he is meant to be doing. Which is great. Shows he is learning! Learning through play. He has learnt to spell out his name, which is great – he learning what words look like and he has an incredible memory. Which is great when you want him to remember something or what something looks like, not great when you promise him a milkshake and you realise you do not have any.


The tantrums are because he is tired, I think, his routine has gone out of the window recently – he wants to go to sleep about 9pm and wake up at 6am – but he is waking up in an awful mood sometimes. I have no idea why or whats up with him. I am fearful that when the clocks go back he will be worse, I have had to resort to letting him sit in our bed some nights just to get him to go to sleep. So when he has his “off” days, it is horrendous. I feel sorry for Nanny, Nanna and nursery who have to look after him whilst we are at work – he can be a little monster. Throwing himself around, shouting, screaming on occasion, defiant against every decision you make and to be perfectly frank, sometimes quite rude! I do hope it is the fact he is tired and not just how he is. I would be devastated if he was a horrid little boy after all the effort we are putting in to making him polite, friendly and caring. My mission this month is to get him back into a normal bedtime routine, fingers crossed.


Sibling Love

Noah and Isla play a lot more than they did last month, they will happily sit together (the majority of the time) playing chase, playing puzzles, character role play and reading books. Noah even let her join in building cars and trains with his Duplo the other day which is saying something – that is usually a one kid activity. It is nice to take them out to the park or farms and know that they can entertain each other for a small amount of time. We even had a soft play occurrence recently where I didn’t have to walk around with Isla too, she and Noah played together and it was so bizarre – I did feel like a spare part but it meant I could sit and watch both of them. Lots of kisses, cuddles and being gorgeous together is always a given, in amongst the monster moments – but that is all part of growing up I suppose.



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Last Update: Sunday, 9th March 2014