With Noah’s Daddy being a professional photographer, I suppose its expected that we should have some lovely photos of him and of course we do… here are a few of my favourites from 2011:

Noah’s First week, Noah age 1 week.

This was the first grip Noah had on Mummys finger, I love this photo as it brings it all back from when Noah was a tiny baby.

Noah’s full head of hair, Noah age 1 month.

This photo is on a lovely canvas in our house, I love it because Noah is so tiny and his hair is so full and dark, like his Daddy’s. Its very long and fair now at 14 months old, its nice to have a comparison.

Noah & Mummy, Noah age 3 months.

This photo is one that I had taken with my darker coloured hair when Noah was a little man, I soon went back to blonde, but this is a nice reminder of the early days and I just love this photo. I know Noah isnt looking at the camera but I was still very happy with the outcome of this photo.

Noah in his new chair, Noah age 7 months.

This photo took Noah by surprise but I love it because he looks so innocent and tiny sitting on his little wicker chair. His hair was all over the place, but you can see that it is grown and got lighter.

Noah at Halloween, Noah age 11 months.

This photo is my favourite from a collection of Halloween ones hubby did of Noah and the dogs. He was watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse would you believe, but it let hubby get this “pondering” look, which I think makes him look adorable! Biased I know.

Tunisia November, Noah age 1.

This was our first holiday abroad, I love this photo so much as Noah looks so grown up and so cute at the same time. Is that possible?

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Last Update: Wednesday, 11th January 2012