So, I have done it. Hubby purchased the Black Friday deal last year for me but there wasn’t a vegetarian option back then. So we got a refund and waited. Sure enough this year the 90 day veggie plan is out and I have officially started on my journey. This WILL be the hardest thing I have ever done in terms of fitness, as I have never really done anything like this but I am going to give this 90 day plan my best. Also, stick to it. 

This is me now. Plump in the cheeks and very rounded at the waist. I am a size 12 and weigh nearly 10 stone. I never weighed that much when I was pregnant with the children. It’s fair to say I have let things slip. More importantly, I am not happy. I hate my body and I am not confident whatsoever about it. I won’t wear nice tops because I feel uncomfortable. I have felt like this since I had the children and I have never done anything about it. 

Some of you may remember, back in Spring of 2015 Hubby took up the Joe Wicks, Body Coach 90 day plan. He worked so hard at this plan and was so motivated that he thrived. He shed so much weight that at one point I cried. He was so skinny. It was like he was a different person. But, the stages of the programme mean that you shed a lot of weight then you tone up what is left. He did that well and he looked amazing afterwards, which you can see the difference from the above and below photos. 

For me, it was the mental journey that meant the most. We changed our habits and lifestyle. I couldn’t tell you the last time we had a takeaway meal. Hubby cooks amazing food, that’s healthy and we are a lot more active too. Albeit Hubby does a lot more than I do. See the rest for more information on how to manage food and supplements whilst trying to lose weight. You have to be careful.

Here it is… the start of my journey. I have signed up, filled in the health questionnaire and sent in my measurements and photographs (which made me feel very unhappy)… I am now waiting for my “plan”. I will keep you posted. Wish me luck! 

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Last Update: Thursday, 21st March 2019