Of all the things to clean in your home, TV stands are right up there as one of the worst. They don’t seem like difficult things to clean, but there’s one problem that makes them so annoying: dust.  Yes, you have dust everywhere in your home, but it collects on your TV stand more than anywhere else. Why? Because all the electrical items and static draws the dust down and keeps it there. With that in mind, how do you stop dust from collecting here? Is it possible?

Well, it’s impossible to prevent dust completely, with a dust allergy this can be quite horrifying, but you can take a few steps to reduce the problem and make your TV unit much easier to clean:

Use an air purifier

Keeping an air purifier in your living room is excellent for a couple of reasons. From the perspective of this post, it helps to remove a lot of dirt and dust particles from the air. Therefore, you should see a decrease in the dust on your TV unit. 

Moreover, air purifiers are excellent if you have allergy sufferers in the home. I would say they’re nigh-on essential during the peak hayfever season, but they’re also handy if people have year-round airborne allergies. 

Switch to a more dust-friendly unit

If your TV unit or cabinet is made from glass or black material, it will attract way more dust. 

Okay, that might not be strictly true. Indeed, glass does seem to attract more dust, but black furniture will make it appear more apparent. As a result, it could be worth looking for TV cabinets online that are white or made from wood. This makes the dust harder to show up, so at least your TV unit looks cleaner!

Glass cabinets should be avoided because they are also the hardest to clean. If you have a wood TV unit, it is so much easier to wipe the dust off with a regular duster. 

Vacuum regularly

You can greatly reduce the amount of dust on your TV stand if you vacuum regularly. Choose a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter as this actively filters out the dust from the air. In doing so, you can prevent a lot of the dust from settling on your stand and looking unsightly. 

At the very least, you should vacuum once a week. This keeps your entire home nice and clean, reducing the overall dust levels. 

How do you remove dust from a TV and TV stand?

After knowing how to prevent it, you have to learn how to remove dust. Again, your TV and TV stand can be super hard to clean because of all the static. But, it is relatively easy for you to do. All you need is a microfibre cloth and some sort of household dusting spray. Spray the spray on the cloth, then wipe away the dust. 

The microfibre cloth helps attract dust, while the spray keeps it on there and stops it from going back onto your TV or its stand. You could also use an attachment on your vacuum to hoover up the dust if some still remain. 

Now, you’ve got a cleaner living room and a TV stand that isn’t constantly covered in dust. 

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Last Update: Tuesday, 14th May 2024