If you saw our recent trip to France over the Easter holidays you would have seen we stayed at Villages Nature for 5 days and we spent a lot of time in the pools. This is our guide to the slides, there are some brilliant ones to try out and I found videos of them to show you too. If you love the water then this water slide guide at Villages Nature is for you! The Aqua Mundo was so much fun, we spent hours in there every chance we could.

We loved the slides, so much fun for everyone, these are in order of thrill, as determined by the Constant’s…


Noah and Hubby went on this slide quite a few times and I chickened out. The floor drops from beneath you and launches you in to the slide. The thing that I couldn’t get over is that you have to press the button yourself so the floor disappears and I couldn’t do it! Noah said it is the best slide, it takes your breath away. It is over in seconds, so if we return here I will definitely do it.


We absolutely loved this slide. It’s on par with Cyclone from the British Centre Parc sites, but has not got the “plunge” effect which Isla hates. You zoom through lights and dark spots and get to a large funnel, you cannot help but laugh and smile on this slide. Isla and I liked this slide and went on it numerous times, you can go in pairs or on your own in an inflatable.

Body Experience

This is the longest ride on site and we loved it. It is right at the top of the slide platform (next to Rocket). Lots of turns through darkness and light, and you end up in the lazy river. It was a good way of getting from the slides into the pool area. We had a kind of routine with the slides. You can see the exit to the left of the rapids in the photo below:


This is an inflatable ride, there are dark spots and bright lights, good fun and quite a long slide. The height limit is a little less on this ride, than cyclone, so we saw a lot of children going down Tube as they couldn’t get on Cyclone.

Liaison Slide

These slides are brilliant and both are slightly different. They start off at the top of the pool dome and you wind through a tube slide, it quickly turns into a larger tube where you can see your racing partner. There is a big dip at the end, which we loved. Don’t forget to press the button at the beginning to count you both down!

Aqua Racer

This slide you can go down in pairs or on your own, you need an inflatable to do this one. It takes you around the top of the pool dome which is pretty cool. It was good fun, but a very quick slide. Don’t forget to wave as you go through the see through part of the slide, people in the wave pool can see you zoom by.

I found the following video on YouTube of a guy zooming down all the slides so you can see what they are like:

Lifter was closed when we visited (April 2024), it didn’t say why it was closed or when it would re-open.

There are 3 more slides to add to the water slide guide at Villages Nature: the kiddies slides. They are also really fun: Splitch and Splatch are quite dark and wind round and round. Splotch is the shortest of the slides. There is also a wide slide that 2 can go down in the middle of the lazy river.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 1st May 2024