Isn’t Spring just the most amazing time of year, flowers are starting to show life and gardens bloom with colour and shape. It’s the first year our garden has done this, as the previous two years I’ve planted a lot of things. I’m now reaping the benefits from the hard work put in and all I need is little things like the perfect piece of garden furniture to sit in and observe my creation. 

Up until recently our garden had big wooden planks around the beds, allowing for only a thin strip of flower bed and also a hazard if the children fell on them. I took them out and dug out a wider flower bed around the perimeter and planted some pretty flowers. It’s amazing how nice it looks now with a clean cut edge and a wider flower bed. 

Another project that we started recently is the vegetable patch. It was the site for or trampoline for two years and the grass became a weed pile. So we dug it up and overturned the soil, bordered it and it’s now ready for some vegetables. I love the thought of having a productive and pretty garden. I’ve been looking on Pinterest at all the rules for what vegetables can live together. There is so much to learn. 

shutterstock_193825301Making sure I can use the garden and sit in it, watching the butterflies and bees, birds and the cat of course, making the most out of the flowers and fresh air is one of the main things for me this summer. I’ve been looking at pages of beautiful garden furniture to inspire me, like the Fishpools garden furniture. I love the hanging chair, this would be nice in the corner of the garden by the overhanging Budlia, where I’d be able the see the entire garden. 

There is still quite a frost on the grounds at the moment, so I am going to wait a couple of weeks before planting my vegetables and I have some more flowers and climbers to plant too. I’m excited to see how they do come the summer, hopefully I’ll have more luck than I did with my sunflowers last year! 

Garden image and vegetable patch image by ShutterStock.

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Last Update: Tuesday, 10th May 2016