I love the Enchanted Royal Fairy Princess stickers that we were sent to brighten up Isla’s room and they certainly do that. Enchanted Interiors is a fabulous company with some beautiful wall stickers to create magical themes for your children’s dreams.



I was so excited when the parcel came as I knew exactly what it was; the new stickers to decorate Isla’s bedroom. They get delivered all rolled, neatly, in a perfectly shaped cylinder box and the stickers are all on shiny paper that lets you remove the stickers easily.

The one thing I was excited to learn when I looked at the Enchanted Interiors website was that the stickers are removable. “Our stickers can be repositioned and removed leaving no residue on the surface“. This was music to my ears because we are moving house in a couple of weeks and I really wanted to review the stickers, what a perfect way to test them. The shiny paper is produced to make it easy to stick the stickers back on to it, to transport – to take it to our new house.

I started off with the tree, I thought this would take the most time to get on the wall as there are lots of leaves and you have to get it right. The leaves were all stuck to the paper in a sequence, there were patterns together and large leaves together so you could easily select the correct sizes and styles. I followed the pattern to get the leaves placed where they “should” be but the beauty of the pattern is that you can play around with it and put different leaves together and have various patterns.


The tree was marked up by numbers which were represented in the guidance notes, which was useful to get the trunk placed together accurately.


So off I went piecing all 83 leaves together with the tree trunks and making sure the leaves looked good in the position I put them. It probably took me about 30 minutes to get the tree part of the theme on the wall, but this is only because I took the time to do it carefully and to the plan provided in the guidance. I am confident it would be a quicker process if you wanted to have a more random approach to the leaves. When we move I know it will take me around half the time to get it up on the wall.



I love the tree, I thought it looked really cute and it was the first part of the theme on the wall for Isla to see. I did the tree one night and the rest the following evening and when Isla went to bed she was amazed by the tree and kept pointing at it and smiling, whilst saying “what’s that?”. She really does love the characters on her wall.

I couldn’t believe how observant she was that Mr Tree was suddenly on her wall and her face just lit up which was really cute. She often babbles along to Mr Tree and I think she introduces him to Noah every time Noah enters her room.

As I progressed through the stickers the wall developed nicely and I was conscious that I wanted the figures to be on show, not hidden behind furniture. So I was careful to plan the stickers around where the furniture would be, so making sure the swan set was above the drawers that are in the corner of Isla’s room.

I do think Isla has a little favourite character though, the princess by the tree, she kisses her goodnight and always talks to her. I love the fact she has got so excited about her wall stickers and I am so excited to put them in her new bedroom on a nice deep pink background.


The recommended space for this theme is 2 metres by 2 metres, so I will make sure to plan the layout of Isla’s new bedroom so that the largest wall that has no windows and door frames is the wall painted pink for the stickers. I think her bed will go along this wall and so I will make sure Mr Tree and Princess are near to her so that she can speak to them when she goes to bed. I am so excited about putting this all together.


This set of stickers is currently £145.95 and is absolutely amazing value for what you get, especially considering you can reuse them. What you get in this scene is: 1 x Enchanted Tree 103cm Wide x 118cm High, 1 x Castle 44cm wide x 103cm high, 1 x Rainbow 55cm wide x 32cm high, 1 x Fairy Princess 30cm wide x 28cm high, 1 x Fairy Princess 33cm wide x 31cm high, 1 x Unicorn 52cm wide x 41cm high, 1 x Princess 30cm wide x 38cm high, 1 x Swan 25cm wide x 21cm high, 83 x Leaves, 3 x Clouds, 10 x Stars, 1 x Frog, 5 x Lilypads.


I would highly recommend Enchanted Interiors for making your children’s rooms full of life and creativity – I usually draw on the walls but I can’t take my drawings with me, so this is the perfect solution. You can see all of the fantastic products on the Enchanted Interiors website: http://www.enchanted-interiors.co.uk/. I have my eye on the Love you to the moon and back stickers for Noah’s new bedroom wall. You can follow them on Twitter: @EnchantedInteri  and like them on Facebook to get some fantastic offers.

To make this review even more exciting for my readers, the lovely Enchanted Interiors have given me an exclusive offer for you to use to get 10% off when you purchase something on the website. Use the Voucher Code: MCBR13 when you are at the checkout. 


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Last Update: Thursday, 31st October 2013