Cooking in a messy kitchen can be a daunting task. While you look forward to preparing tasty meals for your family, cleaning a dirty kitchen before you start meal preparation can drain your energy. That’s why you should aim to keep your kitchen in order. If you find it hard to maintain its cleanliness, this guide offers simple but effective tips to keep your kitchen clean.

Sweep the Counter Every Night

The kitchen counter tends to get filled with paper and clutter. If you leave the mess, it will keep adding up. Put things where they should be and clear the counter every night. Make this a routine and reduce the time you take cleaning your kitchen.

Don’t Let Spills Accumulate

Leaving spills to accumulate can make your kitchen stinky. Also, you don’t want to place clean utensils on a sticky spill unknowingly. Avoid such experiences by wiping up a spill as soon as it occurs. This prevents the buildup of dirt. If your kitchen is in a mess due to pipeline roots in septic systems, you may need to hire a professional to solve the problem.

Declutter the Cabinet below Your Sink

It’s vital to ensure you can access cleaning tools without difficulties for a well-maintained kitchen. Most likely, you put most of these essentials under the sink’s cabinet. That’s right, but you need to organize it, allowing you to get what you need quickly.

Ensure You Can Easily Access the Trash Can

One of the worst places you can put your trash can is under the sink. If accessing it is a challenge, you may leave dirt on the counter after meal preparation. One of the best ideas is to opt for a stand-alone trash can because you may not need to empty it more often. If you’re worried about waste odor, sprinkle a newspaper with baking soda and tuck it in the bottom. This simple trick helps to catch drips. You can change the newspaper when taking the trash out.

Use Fewer Utensils and Dishes

Before starting your meal preparation, plan and know the necessary utensils and dishes you may need and avoid using what’s unnecessary. For example, you can use the chopping board to do a few things like cutting the onion and chicken. All you need to do is to rinse it before each task. You can mix similar ingredients in the same bowl without the need to wash it severally.


While your ingredients simmer on the stove, you can do some cleanup. For example, you may wash some utensils you already used, so you won’t need to clean them later. This utilizes the time you spend in your kitchen well, allowing you to have more rest.

Set Time and Days for Cleaning Some Essentials

In today’s fast-paced world, you can get busy with many things during the day and end up forgetting vital chores. However, you can remember and get them done if you schedule your time. For example, you can set days for cleaning your fridge, ensuring you don’t forget only to find it stinky.


Maintaining a clean kitchen can make your life more enjoyable and fulfilling during meal preparation. The good news is cleaning doesn’t have to be challenging. Use these super tips to enhance and keep your kitchen clean.

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Last Update: Tuesday, 16th March 2021