Recently we got Noah a new themed bed, which completely makes his bedroom. It is a great big Thomas, plastic not the wooden one and he absolutely loves it. When the kids are small it is great that you can get these themed items and everything else fits in around it.


Finding the perfect, dream inspiring, bed for your little ones bedroom can be difficult, I am now in the position where I want to do the same for Isla and make her bedroom themed. Princess themed of course! There are so many websites out there which sell children’s beds it is a little daunting. What is important for me is to find a website that has great prices, great products and useful information – recently I came across which have a fantastic selection of children’s beds and one of my favourites: the princess carriage bed.


The bed is of single mattress size, so when we are ready to make that move from cot to big girl bed this will be the perfect frame for a perfect princess themed bedroom. There is a lot of information on the website about how it is when the frame is delivered, flat packed or ready built for example and there  are always incredible offers on the beds. The other good  thing about BedSaleOnline is that they deliver next day, which is perfect for when we do decide to take the leap and decorate her princess bedroom. These days being able to use PayPal to pay for products makes life so much easier, BedSaleOnline will also accommodate this, they accept PayPal as a method of payment.

Now I need to find the perfect mattress for a toddler who will be potty trained once we move her to the big girl bed from her cotbed. I like the fact there is a wide variety of mattresses on the BedSaleOnline website and more specifically there is a girls mattress, with pink girly patterns on – it even says on the website it is the perfect mattress for a little ones first bed.

The website BedSaleOnline meets all the criteria that I look for in a website: informative, great prices and good quality products. It is really useful and intuitive to use, you easily flow through the options on the navigation bar and the customer reviews are a good way of seeing real peoples views and opinions on the products and company. My favourite link of the navigation bar is the “under £100” area; it is a great way to quickly search for budget products.



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Last Update: Wednesday, 9th April 2014