The beauty of glass table tops lies on the glass itself. It is required that the glass be sparkling clean and ready for use. A dining table with clean glass table top lightens up the room whether it is a dining or living room. These set of tables requires proper and regular maintenance so as not attract particles that destroy its elegance. A good example of such kind of particles is Stickers and haze. Stickers and haze are both enemies to glass dining tables. This dining glass table agent dents the surface of the glass to an extent of the homeowner contemplating of doing away with them. But as the saying goes, every problem has a solution. In finding probable solutions, there has to be a lot of research done on how best to remove the Stickers and haze from the glass tables. In this article, we shall be highlighting methods and tips on how to remove Stickers from glass dining table tops

What are stickers and haze on glass dining tables really about?

Streak on dining glass tablesare irregular lines on the tables caused by scratches of sharp objects and lack of maintenance. Stickers do nothing other than making a glass topped table look less attractive. Haze are particles like dust, smoke, and moistures suspended in the air that drops on the surface of the glass dining table top causing it to have a blurring appearance.

Tips on reducing or removing stickers from glass dining table tops

No matter the damage already caused by Stickers on your glass-topped dining tables, there are set solutions that can be used to take them off. These solutions when properly applied will help remove the Stickers in no time. Below are some of these tips:

  • Make use of a cloth that is well saturated with warm water and soap to mildly clean the glass surface. Thereafter, get clean water that has another cloth soaked in it to wipe off the soap substance from the glass table.
  • Make use of a water solution that has a mixture of white vinegar and alcohol. Use this solution along with a very clean cloth to clean off the edges and corner of the glass. Do this at least once or twice in a week.
  • Stickers can be removed from glass dining table with the use of a mixture of water, baking soda, and toothpaste. Gently rub the glass surface with the mixed solution. Do these repeatedly from one end of the table to the other.

Thoroughly wash the glass table surface with a sponge that has a wet powdered substance in it. Scrub to remove Stickers off the glass dining table.

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Steps in removing haze from glass dining table tops

Most homeowners have their glass tables covered up with haze due to little or no attention given to maintaining the glass. Below are some proffered solutions that can be used to remove haze from the glass table surface.

STEP 1: When your glass table is being covered with haze, the first thing to do is clean the glass surface with a dry soft cloth. This helps to prepare the glass dining table for thorough cleaning.

STEP 2: The next is to clean and wipe the table surface with a clean cloth soaked in soft water. Continue the process until every part of the glass surface is properly cleaned.

STEP 3: A hazy or cloudy glass dining table returns back to normalcy when it is being cleaned with petroleum jelly or Vaseline. It should be gently applied on the glass surface and allowed to stay for up to 24 hours. Thereafter, spray glass cleaner on the dining glass table surface and use a soft paper to wipe off the petroleum jelly.

STEP 4: Make use of Isopropyl alcohol. It contains chemical substances that can be used to take off haze on glass tables. Pour some of the alcohol substance on the surface of the glass and make use of a soft cloth to clean slowly.

Benefits of removing stickers and haze

There is so much to gain when Stickers and haze are being taken off the glass dining table. Although, it takes a process because the Stickers and haze are not immediately removed when finally, off the following are being derived:

  1. Successfully removing Stickers and haze from glass topped table helps to reinstate the sharp look of the table just as when bought. The table becomes so sharp that when somebody comes visiting, they won’t be able to tell if it is an old or new glass dining table.
  2. Another benefit that is derived is that Sticker and haze when finally taken off, helps the table to become cleaner and meal inviting to everyone.
  • Stickers and haze taken off the glass table top give the homeowner a whole new satisfaction when been used by guests, friends or family members. Knowing fully well that the table is free from Stickers and haze helps to give you peace of mind.
  • The removal of Stickers and haze strengthens the dining glass table and makes it easy to be maintained. The thought of the table being replaced is no longer a thing to be disturbed about. This is because the successful Stickers and haze removal will keep the glass table serving for a longer period of time.

NOTE: It should be noted that the application of these steps in removing Stickers and haze might come with some kind of reactions. When this happens there shouldn’t be any worries as it is the part of the working process. Glass dining table top should be given proper maintenance so as not to repeat the process of removing Stickers and haze. In a situation were by this applied method in removing Stickers and haze isn’t working, seek the help of professional assistance.

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Last Update: Friday, 31st January 2020