#constantgarden: My first batch of greenhouse seedlings

I read somewhere that Calendula flowers were quite hardy and easy to grow, for a beginner, like me. So I got a packet of seeds and thought I would give it a whirl. My very first greenhouse project, I planted them a few weeks back in little pots and they have been growing in the greenhouse ever since.


They are very hardy and very low maintenance seeds. They didn’t take a lot of work from me, unlike my sunflower seeds, they have shooted nicely, germination has taken about 2 weeks and they are a great length now to be thinned out into bigger pots/garden beds. You can see the little pots at the bottom of the photo, these are Calendula seedlings and the square tub in the left hand corner. A close up of the seedlings is below:

photo 1

They are about 2 inches long now, after a few weeks of being in the greenhouse and are most definitely ready to be thinned out. What I did was take them out of their cots, I mean pots, and gently pull them apart making sure that the roots did not break and snap off. I want to make sure they grow beautifully and my garden will have a lovely orange glow come the summer months. I replanted them into a large, deep pot and have also put some in the flower beds and now we will see which ones grow into beautiful flowers and which ones do not make it – hopefully they all will make it. I will keep you posted.

photo 2

photo 3

constantgarden copy


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#constantgarden: My first batch of greenhouse seedlings

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