We were recently sent a great parcel of goodies from Tiger Box, including a nice Tiger box and some seedcell herb seeds to plant. It was a fantastic kit, we especially loved how easy it was to use the seedcells, tear and dip into the soil. The Tiger Grow Along project is designed to make it easy to grow herbs and encourage you to get planting. It worked with us.

What’s in the kit?

In the kit we had a nice wooden planter, compost, seedcell herb seeds and a little watering can. It was relatively simple to work out how to use the seedcell tabs, they are a tear and plant type of thing. It was incredibly quick and a lot less fuss than normal seeds. They do tend to go everywhere. 

It was good fun as I got rather messy and my hands were rather muddy, the children helped me to plant the seedcell’s, but they didn’t hang around long for a photo! I am looking forward to seeing how far the seeds have come over the coming months and I will definitely keep you posted. Hopefully we have some yummy peppers at the end of the project. 


In participating in this Tiger Grow Along it has got me back into my gardening, tidying up the garden and also the vegetable plot which I started a fair few months ago. I had no idea the parsnips had grown to such a length. It was a great feeling harvesting something that I had grown myself, from a seed. 


You can keep up with the Tiger Grow Along on their blog, or by keeping an eye on posts on my blog! Do you have any comments for looking after herbs and vegetable plots? I would love to hear them. 

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Last Update: Tuesday, 11th October 2016