Well its week 3 and I am deeply shocked at what I saw this week: out of the 4 seedlings that survived, once put into the garden to get some more sunlight only 1 has managed to see it through to week 3. The others have literally disappeared – but how?


I am actually really annoyed that I have just one sunflower left and now I do not know what to do with it? Where do I keep him to protect him from whatever got the other 3? I have put him back in the greenhouse, up high, so hopefully if its ants or slugs or whatever he will be a little more protected.


Out of the second batch of seeds that Noah planted, we have quite a few seedlings, but some of these look chewed as well. What is it eating them? How do I stop them from eating my little sunflowers? It is actually quite sad when you have grown these things from their seeds. I know Noah will not be impressed, so I haven’t told him just yet – thankfully the rain means that we have not been out in the garden as much.


Fingers crossed that the remaining sunflower from the first batch grows into a fine sunflower plant and we will keep tabs on the second batch which seems to be growing nicely now.

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Last Update: Friday, 30th May 2014