One week on from planting our little sunflower seeds and spending 3 or 4 days in the greenhouse not really doing anything, I moved them into a mini greenhouse tray and put them directly in the sunlight, they get the majority of the sun throughout the afternoon and early evening. They must enjoy their new home…


Our greenhouse is great for keeping the moist soil and the wind off the seedlings, but there isn’t really a lot of sunshine in there – at the moment it is surrounded by trees and bush. Another project for another day, so I invested in a little tray that has the same effects as a greenhouse and keeps the seeds safe from birds. I lost my last batch of seeds to the birds and I wasn’t going to risk that again. I moved them out into the sunshine on Friday, so they had been in the greenhouse for a few days and they didn’t seem to be doing anything. But hey presto now they are in the sunshine they are beginning to sprout. Noah was fascinated that they were growing and he planted some more seeds tonight in the smaller pots, so fingers crossed he didn’t drown them with his watering can full of water, bless him.



The soil was a little dry tonight, so I made sure they had a good helping of water to see them through tomorrow as I believe it is going to be another sunny day. The pots are quite a good size as I think the sun flower plants will be able to grow quite tall and stay protected from the weather and the dogs, cat and children of course until they are quite a lot taller. These seedlings are 8 days old, three of them have sprouted above the surface and are showing the rounded bulbous type leaf shape that are a familiar sight on a sun flower plant. I am very proud of them. I had a peek at the other two seeds and they have germinated too, they are just starting though. Fingers cross they sprout out of the surface as well.



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Last Update: Wednesday, 14th May 2014