Back from the basics: 5 tips for getting the most out of your backyard

If, like many homeowners (or long term renters of course), you gaze into the back garden and see a mass of tangled weeds and an unruly lawn, it is time for a change. There are countless benefits to getting out in the garden and up close and personal with the soil. Whether you are willing to go it alone, or you would rather seek help from landscapers in Perth, creating a superb outdoor space should be a top priority.

It is not as difficult as you might think, even for amateurs with little gardening experience. Ultimately, it is all about practice. There will be failures, and you might not get it right on the first try, but every attempt is a valuable lesson. As you learn about soil conditions, irrigation, mulching, and feeding, your pride in the garden will grow as fast as the flowers.

These handy hints and tips are perfect for newcomers because they cover some of the basics.

Know Your Region

One of the first lessons for an amateur gardener is the importance of regional characteristics. Rookies learn pretty quickly that you cannot just grow whatever you want. The success of your plants is dependent on a whole host of factors, and many are influenced by the local climate, weather, soil conditions, and more. So, do some research before you start and find out about the strengths and weaknesses of your area.

Investigate the Soil

It is also a good idea to perform a simple soil test.

It is an easy way to find out what type you are working with and which plants it best suits. While there are a few ways to DIY the test, most newbies take a soil sample to a local gardening store. Within seconds, you will know whether it is acidic, alkali, or neutral. Once you know, you can pick species which thrive in these conditions or you can take steps to change them by adding different nutrients.

Practice with Veggies

Contrary to popular belief, veggies are actually some of the easiest plants to grow.

They pop up remarkably quickly, with the right care, and they can be very hardy. These qualities mean that mistakes are less likely to lead to a disaster. Make the wrong move, and you can usually salvage the plant and have another go. Sunflowers are another excellent choice for amateur gardeners, as they are rapid growers and you get lots of visual appeal for your efforts.

Take Care When Watering

One of the most common mistakes made in the early stages is overwatering. People get worried about their plants on hot days, and they add far too much water. You have to remember that giving too little is less disastrous than giving too much because you can correct it. If you drown the roots, there is no going back. So, water consistently and try to do it in the early morning. It gives the plant plenty of daylight in which to suck up all the moisture.

Be Willing to Learn

It does not matter whether you have been gardening for ten years or two, it is a continual process. Mistakes happen, and things do not always go to plan, but it is all part of the journey. The best gardeners are patient, committed, and passionate about monitoring and tending their little creations. They know when to get down to work and when to take a step back and let the plants fend for themselves. 

Where to Find Expert Help and Advice

If you need help creating a space that is fit for a garden, call in a landscaping company. There are some excellent services available in Perth, and they can be as extensive as you like. So, you can invest in a full transformation, or you can target problem areas. Landscaping teams can plant flowers, install water features, construct pathways, and shape immaculate lawns and beds.

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