Spring is such a beautiful time – in fact, I think it might even be my favourite time of the year. There’s a special kind of aroma and feel in the air; the trees are starting to get new leaves, the flowers are starting to bloom – and all around you, people just seem to have that little bit of a spring in their step! I always look forward to spring, especially because spring heralds the time when I can get my bike out of storage and start pedalling to work again. The warmer days are such a treat, and I always get to work in the best mood when I ride. I want to share with you all top seven ways to put a spring in your step so that you make the most of this beautiful time of year. These tips are brought to you by the perpetual bringers of spring, Melbourne florists, Oollie Flora.

Spring clean your home

There’s nothing that says springtime more than giving your whole home a top-to-bottom spring clean! It makes such a difference when you clean everything out and throw a bunch of old stuff away. Why not make springtime a reason for you to overhaul your home? It doesn’t have to be some mega huge ordeal – just start with one room and go from there. You might find that as soon as you start that, you have the motivation to keep on going.

Get some fresh flowers in your bedroom

Something that spells luxe for me is having fresh blooms in the bedroom. The sight and smell of them on waking always manages to put me into a great mood, and I always feel like I have my life just that little bit more together when there’s flowers on my bedside table. A great option for the types of flowers include lilies or gerberas for their bright and visually pleasing appeal. 

Start a new project

When the days start to get warmer, I find that I’m usually compelled to get out and start something new – whether it’s a project or a new hobby. I blame the the warmer weather, it means that I’m more active, but I always seem to be starting a new project in spring! Getting a new hobby is a great way to get out of the house and to develop a new skill, and you’ll sometimes meet new people which is always a bonus.

Catch up with a friend

Making the most of spring can be something as innocuous as meeting up with a friend. Often we neglect our social lives as the days drag on, dreary and cold, but when the warmer months hit, we are compelled to head to the parks and cafes of the world. Chances are your friends are feeling the same way, so why not make a day of it and get a bunch of people together to enjoy the sun? A park is a great venue – it’s free, and all you need to do is wrangle some food and some drinks together and you’ve got it made.

Book a class

This aligns with the goal of starting something new – but requires a little more thought. You might have always wanted to start pottery – well do it! If you’ve always had a desire to learn how to hula hoop, then get out there! Take the time to research a new skill and then do it.

Set some goals for the year ahead

OK, it’s not the new year yet – but you can set some goals to get done over springtime and get the jump on the year ahead. With so much fresh energy rolling around, it’s the perfect time to get something new started.


During your spring cleaning phase, you may as well consider redecorating as well! Even if you just move some furniture around, you’ll find a huge difference in the feel of your home.

Enjoy the warmer weather, folks, and be sure to get out there and make the most of it this year.

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Last Update: Thursday, 13th October 2016