It is no great secret that becoming a family means that, for the most part, you get very little sleep. I see it as you either have sleepy people in your household, or you are that sleepy person. You might have a rather rare thing, which is a baby that sleeps through from an early age and loves sleep. So a sleepy person in nature. This is Noah. He gets that from his Mother, me. Whereas, our second child, Isla, is not a sleepy person. She takes after her Daddy, who loves to be awake and doing things right from the get go. 

Making sure that my safe haven, my bed, is comfortable and warm, snuggly and inviting, is the most important thing to me. I know I could be woken up at any given point during the evening or early morning, so I want the moments that I do get in bed to be the comfiest they can be. 

Sleepy People, a fantastic online bedding store, sent us a selection of SilentNight goodies and I have to say, I have not wanted to get out of bed. Their website offers so many varieties of bedding from duvets to mattress protectors and they also stock a huge choice of sizes too. I have had so many products on my bed over the years, duvets that have clumped up on one end and become bobbly or pillows that are just so flat there is no point in having them at all. It was refreshing to find that the SilentNight set remained in tact for the month we have been using it now. The SilentNight complete bed set came with a 10.5 tog duvet, two pillows and a mattress protector. 


The mattress protector is quiet, slightly padded so it adds extra cushioning on top of the mattress and it is really easy to wash. This is great as other mattress protectors I have had are too large and bulky to wash in the domestic washing machine – so it doesn’t seem worth having them. 

The SilentNight complete bed set is available from £28.99 and has given my bed a complete makeover in a matter of minutes. I made my bed before work, had a really busy day and that moment I walked in to the bedroom to go to bed (forgetting I had a new bed to get into) was amazing. I couldn’t wait to go to bed and I had a really great sleep that night. 


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Last Update: Thursday, 3rd November 2016