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Moodelli are a fabulous company that make some high end, stylish and pretty clever products for the home and for baby. I was really lucky to receive one of their amazing dimmer lights, which is perfect for those nights when little madam won’t sleep and I have to sit and cuddle her in the middle of the night. I love those moments. 


The dimmerlight is unique from any other lamp I have had because not only does it dim but it does so by lifting the top of the cube upwards. The light gets brighter as you lift up the cube lid, so you can truly decide on the intensity of the light, you can see a photo sequence example on the Moodelli website here. At 2am when Isla is not settling to sleep, it is perfect to put on slightly, so that I can see but also it creates a lovely mood in our bedroom. I love having it on when I am getting ready in the mornings too as it really brightens up the corner by my dressing table, and it creates a lovely glow in the mirror. You can see the dimmerlight in my May favourites video, as you can see it is creating a really moody light that isn’t overbearing and that corner is really brightened up – also it looks really stylish. 


This innovative product that you control by closing or opening the cube, is not the only string to Moodelli’s bow. They have created stylish babybox (cot) which adapts with your child and also can be used a toy box, a changing table that features front and side drawers to keep those baby wipes in and a fabulous baby bouncer that looks amazing. I wish I had a newborn so I could appreciate these products properly, they would look brilliant in a nursery altogether. 


I love using the lamp as a setting for product photography as the light is just beautiful and the lamp is stylish, so next to my bedroom wallpaper I can create a nice little scene for my photos. I recently used it for taking photos of this Majique bracelet and I loved the photos that came out of it. 

If you would like to see more of the Moodelli range then visit their website: and you can purchase from


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