Keeping your little things safe…

Not many people think about insurances until its too late, my grandparents for example have not got insurance for their cat and he broke his leg this week – the first thing my mum asked was do they have insurance and my grandma deeply regretted it. Recently I have been looking online at home insurance and making sure that the belongings we have in our house, can be replaced and that we have the best deal available to us. So if something awful happened to our house we would at least have beds to sleep in again and clothes to wear. We have so many toys and furniture now that we have both children, the list of replaceable’s would be endless.  The thought of loosing all the sentimental items make me feel really emotional, but I cant carry it all around on my back like a snail! No one can… 

So are you a comparison website person or a direct website person? It got me thinking about what I do, naturally and instinctively when looking for information and deals. The first thing I think of to search for something is Google, the first place I look to when I want to buy something is eBay and the first place I go to for insurances is comparethemarket. I know it has a lot to do with the phrase “compare the meerkat, compare the market, simples” and the cuddly meerkats, (Noah loves meerkats) but its the only comparison site that sticks in my head…. I guess they have a very good marketing team.

You can get lots of different insurances via comparethemarket; car, pet, travel, life, health, landlord, van, bike,  breakdown cover, mortgage protection, Income protection and many more. is a great place to compare lots of insurance companies that specialise in home insurance, you could save on average over £117 and not forgetting the meerkat toys that they are giving away at the moment if you get your home insurance through the comparison website… that’s a must have for any little tot that loves the meerkats… SIMPLES!!!! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist).


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Keeping your little things safe…

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