We spent our half term week in an old chapel, in Buckden in the Yorkshire Dales. I had no idea what to expect but was so very pleasantly surprised. We had a fabulous break away and the children walked nearly 20 miles across the week. I was impressed with Holiday Lettings, who made the holiday booking experience easy and quick. The cottage looked exactly like it did in the photos and we have such lovely memories to share forever now. I love holidays like that.


The Old Chapel is a lovely little cottage, set back off the main roads and the hills behind, in Upper Wharfedale. It is a beautiful two bedroomed cottage, converted from an old chapel (hence the name). There is a book in the cottage written by a rambler around 1904 and it talks about the chapel, there is even a photo of it in its chapel days. During the war it closed down and was then re-opened some 40 years later. In the 1990’s it was converted into two cottages, we stayed in the front part. It was very cosy, nice little finishing touches and the kitchen had everything you could possibly require. The good thing about this place too, was no signal or WiFi. Bliss! Especially when you have a busy online life like me and my husband.


Our Yorkshire Dales adventures


On Sunday we went to Malham, this is what inspired Daddy to choose the Yorkshire Dales for our half term break. He had watched Bear Grylls climb Malham Cove and the sheer beauty of the landscape sucked him in, sucked us both in to be honest. It looked overwhelming on film and was incredible in real life. The children walked around 4 miles that day, including the 384 steps around the side of the cove up to the top. It was magnificent. Perfect weather to take in the views and just so relaxing to sit up there and sip our teas.

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We took a walk from Grassington this time, it led us down through Linton Falls and across hills and fields until we walked through Linton, Thresfield and back to Linton Fells again. The scenery was breathtaking: fields up on fields, hills, rivers, old train lines and streams pouring in off the hilltops. We walked around 4 miles in all, chased by cows and had lots of fun dodging the sheep poop in the fields. The children had a fabulous time making up stories and songs along the way. Again, the weather was perfect, which made the day more fantastic.

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We drove an hour to get to Ingleton, for what was advertised as the most beautiful walk you can do in the Dales and I have to admit it was pretty breathtaking: Ingleton Waterfall Trails. It cost us £14.00 for the family, it was 5.5 miles and took us the entire day to make it round. Isla was walking about a mile an hour at this point, but I was so impressed with both kiddies. This trail was up and down steep stairs, hills, cliffs and crossing fields. It was no easy feat. I loved it. The waterfalls looked mesmerizing and they sounded it too, we sat and ate lunch by one of the larger ones which was nice.

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We had a very “north” day today, it rained the entire day. Which to be fair we were expecting all week. The children had coughs at this point, so I thought it best not to take them out all day and get soaked. Daddy went out and did a big walk, whilst me and the children baked and played LEGO. Around lunchtime we put on our wellies and coats and walked to the “beach”, which is what the locals call an area by the bridge in Buckden as it has a sandy bit. Due to the rain though, we couldn’t see the sandy bit. It was quite amazing really, in 20 minutes the river had raised so much so that we couldn’t see the stones anymore and we had to move up the bank. The river rose so quickly with all the rain coming off the hilltops. It was nice to get out for an hour though, even if to throw stones in the river.

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It started off like Wednesday, very wet. But by 2pm it had cleared up and the sky was blue with the odd white puffy cloud. So we took to the hills behind the cottage and walked a route over Buckden Beck and up Centennial path. It was great fun as the Beck was fast and strong due to the rain, so we had to carefully cross the stepping stones and we walked 2 miles up hill. Only to reach the top and Noah cried as he had had enough, so we walked all the way back down again. Walking down was a lot more fun, and quicker too! The views from up the hill were brilliant, we could see the chapel and the sun setting behind the hill across the valley looked great too. Boy did it get chilly quick though, when the sun went down.

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The weather did much the same as Thursday, so we got out about 2pm and had the most eventful walk of the week. We walked from Starbotton to Kettlewell, which is a 2 mile walk and they are the next two villages along from Buckden, so not far. I say eventful as we nearly lost the dogs once and Rambo once too: at one point the dogs were a mile up the hill chasing the sheep and rounding them up. Once we had them back and the fear of them getting lost was over, we actually felt quite proud that they had done a good job. Then later on in the walk, we had to cross another strong stream of rain coming down from the hilltops, this time inbetween two walls. The lower wall had a hole in it, I guess where the stream normally trickles through. But with the rain it didnt just trickle, it was quite strong. Before we knew it Rambo had been sucked through the wall and was on his way to the main river (which was ridiculously fast, strong and incredibly dangerous). Daddy had got rid of his phone and darted for the main river, in a hope that he would get there before Rambo to save him as we knew he would drown in the main river, but thankfully clever little Rambo and his doggy instincts saved him. He made it to the bank of the stream before he hit the river! I have never been so frightened, Noah was in tears too – it was a scary moment. But we are so glad he is safe, and Daddy too for that matter. It would have been dangerous for an adult let alone the wee Jack Russell.

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We really enjoyed our week of Outdoor Fun and we are looking forward to going back to the Dales next year!
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  • The Reading Residence
    Monday, November 2, 2015

    It looks absolutely stunning. So many beautiful views and walks, I know my kids would love running about out there. We’ve been thinking of booking a holiday to Yorkshire next year and you’ve convinced me to go for it, thank you.

  • Husband
    Monday, November 2, 2015

    A lovely read Sonia and great to look back on all the lovely places we walked around, BIG thank you to you and the kids for a lovely holiday! xx

  • Coombe Mill - Fiona
    Tuesday, November 3, 2015

    I knew I was going to love these photos. It looks like you walked miles and the kids did so well in their little welly boots. I really don’t know Yorkshire at all but the scenery actually reminds me of here in Cornwall. the cottage sounds very cute and a perfect base for your days out. I do admire that you even went out in the rain, our river swells just the same with a full day of rain, Impressed that your husband has shorts for the week in October, that is very Bear Grills! Thank you for sharing your week of wonderful outdoor memories on Country Kids.