Last month Pizza Express in Huntingdon opened revealing its lovely new makeover, a fresh and vibrant look for Autumn – complete with a new menu. We were very lucky to hop along and check out the new menu and restaurant. It looked really different and so much brighter. We really loved it and tried to get the new things off the menu to see what they tasted like. Here’s what we had off the autumn menu:


I had the new Risotto Mio which is one of my favourite things, I love Risotto and to have a small portion for my starter was perfect. It was a mushroom Risotto with truffle oil, very yummy. Daddy tried the new Calamari, they looked less battered than some Calamari we have tried in the past. They came with a Caesar style dressing which Daddy liked very much. The children had their favourite dough balls to start and they loved the way they came out in smiley faces, a great touch for the little ones.

For mains, I had the Formaggi pizza which was a magherita style pizza with buffalo mozzarella on top. It was delicious. The classic pizzas may look thin and not very filling but they are surprisingly so, very yummy (I took some home in a Pizza box to eat for lunch the next day). Daddy had the brand new Autumno pizza, which was made in the competition from a member of the public. Great idea for a pizza and a competition too “Create your favourite pizza”. What a fantastic prize: People to eat your pizza that you designed. It comes with chorizo, goats cheese and roasted butternut squash and tasted delicious. It does look really Autumny too! The children had magherita pizza from the Piccolo menu (I love that word), they love the Pizza Express pizzas – it keeps them quiet for such a long time. It’s nice to sit around the table and enjoy a meal as a family, the children barely sit still long enough normally.

For dessert I had the Lemon Posset crunch with a Cappuccino, from the Dolcetti menu and Daddy had the Salty Caramel Profiteroles with an espresso. We love the Dolcetti menu, it means we can have a small dessert and a coffee too. It costs a similar amount to the normal desserts and an added bonus: you can use your Tesco Vouchers for items on that menu too! Desserts for the children from the Piccolo menu were amazing, ice cream with fruits and a cone, it looked great when they came out and the children also had a Bambinoccino (another great word). It was great as it made them feel they were being grown up like Mummy and Daddy, as Isla displayed in the restaurant:


The restaurant itself looked bright and fresh, the light paintwork made such a difference as before the wall behind me and Isla was just brickwork. The exposed bricks did look good, but its amazing how much difference a nice bright paint can make. The booth along the wall was new, the purple was just a perfect colour to compliment the creams and golds in the restaurant. It looked easy to maintain and keep clean too, which is the main thing in a restaurant.


I loved the little details to make families have a more comfortable experience too, like for example the mobile hanging from the ceiling above the baby changing mat in the toilets. A lovely thing to do which I have never seen before in a restaurant. The new Crayola Twistables were a great idea too, the last time we went to a different pizza place there were no crayons left for the kiddies, these Twistables are a fantastic idea as you can’t snap crayons in half and waste them. The children did love twisting them up and down though – but they didn’t break! The stickers and menu’s for the Piccolo menu are ingenious too, the chefs hats also keep the children entertained whilst waiting for the food to come. Which to be honest wasn’t very long.


It was a lovely experience and we will definitely be going back there again. The new menu is lovely and I want to go back and have the new Autumno pizza for myself. If you want to find out more about Pizza Express in Huntingdon then visit the Pizza Express website: You can follow them on Twitter too (@PizzaExpress) and like the Pizza Express Facebook page.


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