A huge Happy Birthday to Hubby today. We love all the adventures we have with you and all the joy you bring to our family.

Watching sunset horizons, playing games, having fun and exploring adventures is why we love you most.

Happy Birthday 🥳 We love you!

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#mummyphotoaday ~ horizon & joy
🍦 Tell me you’re on holiday without telling me you’re on holiday!

How much do you think these ginormous ice creams cost? 😱

#mummyphotoaday ~ ice cream

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The views yesterday were absolutely stunning. Woolacoombe you didn’t disappoint. 

The sea was so calm, which I loved but the kiddies wanted waves to bodyboard through. I actually went in the sea. It was quite warm in the shallows.

As the sun reached near its setting place the reflection on the sea was mesmerising. I could have sat there all evening.

More beach days please 🙏🏻 Have you been to the beach this Summer?

#mummyphotoaday ~ views 

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My sunset views. The entire day spent travelling was totally worth it. Fresh sea air in my lungs…

We are all together again. Happy holiday! ☀️ 

Are you travelling around the UK this Summer? 

#mummyphotoaday ~ together

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It’s not quite the Devonshire coast, but it’s not bad for on my doorstep. Whilst Hubby has been in the sea all day with the kids, we’ve been chilling in the evening sun.

It was nice in the park as it’s soo open. The breeze cooled us down. I sat there with the dogs & it felt like we were on our own in the park. No one around. So peaceful.

Did you get out in the sun today?

#mummyphotoaday ~ own

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When Hubby sends you a photo of your babies washing up… Isla cooked them dinner and cleaned up afterwards too. I’m impressed.

It’s lovely that they are starting to get more involved. They’re so grown up. And they look super happy too!

Are you camping this Summer? 

#mummyphotoaday ~ camp

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